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Raising More Than $2.2 Billion For Minnesota

Every time you play the Minnesota State Lottery, you give back to Minnesota. It’s true! For every $1 spent on lottery tickets, approximately 24¢ goes to our great state. Over the years, players have helped the Lottery raise more than $2,200,000,000 — and this number grows every day!

And since Lottery revenue is directed to the General Fund and the Minnesota environment, we all benefit. A little over half of the money from ticket sales has gone into the General Fund to support services like K-12 education, health care, aid to local governments and public safety. The rest of the revenue, more than $875 million, has helped the environment in many ways through the following funds: (1) the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, (2) the Natural Resources Fund, and (3) the Game and Fish Fund.

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These programs help to preserve, enrich and restore Minnesota’s environment and natural resources by managing and enhancing hunting and fishing, supporting our parks and zoos and providing expanded outdoor recreational opportunities for future generations. All things that make Minnesota’s great outdoors, well…great!!

So thanks for playing. You should know that while you’re having fun scratching tickets and picking Powerball and Mega Millions numbers, you’re also helping the critters and the people who call Minnesota home.

Where does the lottery money go?

Dollar Distribution FY2012

For every dollar spent on lottery tickets in Fiscal Year 2012:

  • 61.6 cents paid players prizes for winning tickets
  • 8.4 cents was used to pay ticket, lotto vendor and administrative costs
  • 6 cents was paid to retailers in the form of commissions and incentives
  • The remaining 24 cents went to the state:
  • 13.1 cents went to the state General Fund to support services such as K-12 education, health care, aid to local governments and public safety. Of this amount, $2.1 million was set aside to help combat problem gambling. From the Lottery’s inception through June 2012, $1.26 billion has gone to the General Fund.
  • 5.9 cents to the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund to finance projects that preserve, restore and enhance our state's natural resources. The Trust Fund is financing 71 projects, totaling $31 million, for fiscal year 2012. From the start of the Lottery through June 2012, the Trust Fund has received more than $552.2 million.
  • 4.7 cents to the state's environment, which received a boost when the 2000 Legislature reallocated the in-lieu-of sales tax. This money, which was previously allocated to the General Fund, now provides over $20 million to fish and game, parks, trails and zoos through the Game and Fish Fund and the Natural Resources Fund.

Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund


How do we distribute the money?