We've got the perfect Fat Tuesday party favor: made-from-scratch-game Mardi Gras masks. Fun to put on at the party. More fun to play later.


• Minnesota Lottery Scratch Game Tickets (3-4)

Mardi Gras mask template (2 options) [PDF]

• Cardstock

• Scissors

• Pencil

• Hot glue gun

• Rhinestones

• Sequins

• Beads

• Feathers

• Washi tape

• Wooden Skewer


1. Print out a Mardi Gras mask template and cut it out

2. Trace your template on cardstock and cut it out (here’s your mask!)

3. Use a glue gun to place rhinestones, sequins and even feathers wherever you like

4. Wrap Washi tape around a skewer and glue it on for a handle

5. Place your scratch games in the mask and say “I’MN” for Mardi Gras