Vikings game day is always exciting! As much as we love game day at US Bank Stadium - the party on the Plaza, stadium food, heckling the visiting team fans - this year is going to be different. That’s not all bad, there are some unexpected benefits of game day at home.

First, get prepared with a little pre-game planning. Are you going to make a giant platter of nachos to snack on all game day? Grill some burgers and dogs during half-time? Order in your favorite pizza? Pick up a growler from your neighborhood craft brewery? Get ’er done on Saturday!

Start game day by sleeping in! You’ll have plenty of time to put on your game face, your lucky socks, team jersey and most comfy sweats.

You don’t have to fight traffic or hunt down a parking spot 4 miles away, you're already there!

Tune in for the pre-game show. Get your fantasy team set. Move the dog off the recliner. Turn up the sound and you’ve got the best seat in town.

You’ve got instant replay. You can yell whatever you want at the TV and you don’t have to sit next to that crazy fan who always spills their beer all over you!

And bonus, the line for the bathroom is exceedingly short.

At the end of the day…bam, you’re already home!

We all miss the excitement of sharing a Vikings win with our fellow fans, but game day at home ain’t all bad.

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