Meet Phoebe, a lucky dog adopted by Jordan and Diem Novak from Plymouth, Minnesota.

Phoebe came to Underdog Rescue Minnesota after being found on the side of the road in Missouri. "She was covered in ticks and just not trusting a lot of people," said Jordan. The Novaks fostered her when she was first brought to the rescue and then she was adopted. Unfortunately, she was returned to the rescue because the adoption didn't work out. The Novaks fostered her again; this time, they knew they wanted to adopt her themselves. "The first night she jumped up on the couch and just kind of fell back in my arms and I was like 'Awww, okay, this was meant to be,'" Jordan recalled with a chuckle. 

Phoebe is now a truly "lucky dog" as she has two other dogs to play with and "plenty of places just to sleep all day." She had a life of uncertainty living on the streets as a stray but now has the comfort of a warm and loving home. We're so happy for you Phoebe and think you are definitely a lucky dog!