Congratulations to our latest round of Earth Defenders! A big thank you to these five individuals who are making a difference for our environment. They each won a Minnesota United FC prize pack. Read excerpts from their entry below to learn how they are playing their part:

Alex Cooper of Eden Prairie

Playing His Part: I volunteer as the treasurer for Aeon for Ocean, a non-profit where we empower kids to teach other kids about the world’s oceans, their actions here which have a global impact, awareness of ocean wildlife and cleaning up area parks of pollution. I utilize my accounting skills to bring in donations and work on grant funding.

Tina Scott of Minneapolis

Playing Her Part: I am a horticulturist. I chose this profession because I’ve always loved being outside and being with nature. I get paid to beautify the environment and help it at the same time. I select plants for pollinators and birds. I don’t use pesticides or fertilizers. I try to educate others on more sustainable practices for lawn gardening at their own homes.

Dawn Sorenson of Winsted

Playing Her Part: I provide a wide variety of flowers and shelter for bees and butterflies in my yard. I don’t use pesticides on the lawn, so bees won’t be adversely affected by them. At school I work hard to get my students to recycle properly. I also help them fix up the gardens and outdoor spaces at school.

Joe Palke of Lino Lakes

Playing His Part: I am in charge of the community garden at the elementary school that I teach at. I am able to teach young kids about how to grow vegetables in a small space while also producing food for our community food shelf.

Alissa Mack of Elmore

Playing Her Part: I am involved with the Forever Green Initiative at the University of Minnesota, which is a critical piece of the puzzle for changing the landscape in Minnesota. I send correspondence (emails, postcards) to our local senators to get more funding from the USDA to support the University of Minnesota's goals. I also implement the basic idea of cover cropping and over-winter cover crop fertilizing on a smaller scale in my gardens at home. 

[asterisk]There’s still time to enter the third and final Earth Defenders social contest. Tell us how you’re defending our environment for the chance to win tickets to an upcoming Minnesota United FC game, along with $100 cash, 2 t-shirts and 2 Minnesota United FC scarves.