Have a Minnesota Lottery lover in your life? Look no further - we came up with the perfect gifts to pair with our scratch tickets this holiday season! Don’t forget to print out our gift tags to use when you wrap up these awesome gifts!

Flannel Fever scratch ticket

Flannel Fever: The perfect ticket for someone who loves to be cozy, loves plaid, and could use $10,000. Pair with:

  • Flannel/plaid shirt for men or a flannel/plaid shawl for women
  • Flannel/plaid hat - like this super cool buffalo plaid trapper hat you could win in the 2nd chance!
  • Flannel blankets or sheets
  • Flannel pajamas - they could match the blankets or sheets for extra fun…
  • Flannel lined jeans
  • Flannel cabin décor - think moose, pine trees, bears, etc.
Chocolate Crossword scratch ticket

Chocolate Crossword: Give the sweetest gift this holiday season – the chance to win up to $25,000! Pair with:

  • Chocolates – enter in to our 2nd chance to win some
  • Chocolate cookbook
  • Fondue fountain - be sure to include some chocolate to go with it!
  • Chocolate scented candle/lotion
  • Chocolate body scrub
Frosty Fun scratch ticket

Frosty Fun: If they live in the cold weather, help them get bundled up and through the winter! Plus, they could win $15,000! Pair with:

  • Hand warmers
  • Electric socks - to keep their feet cozy too!
  • Scarf
  • Snow globe – pick out a cool Minnesota themed one.
  • Lift tickets to their favorite ski hill
Minnesota Vikings and Skol scratch tickets

Vikings/Skol: If you know a Vikings fan, get them both the Minnesota Vikings and SKOL scratch tickets (more chances to win) with any of the below items, and you have a winning combination! Pair with:

  • Jersey/shirt – find out their favorite player.
  • Tickets to a game – they could win them in our 2nd chance too
  • Memorabilia (helmet, ball, etc.)
  • Can koozies/coasters
  • US Bank Stadium themed items

Lucky Bucks scratch ticket

Lucky Bucks: Have an avid outdoorsman in the family? Pair this ticket with some essential outdoor gear. Plus, you’re giving the gift of a chance at a lot of doe - $100,000!

  • Hiking pack – to carry all of their “doe” when they win ;)
  • Thermos
  • Tent
  • Flashlight
  • Go Pro/Trail cam
  • Binoculars – fun and useful!


Happy Holidays everyone!

An assortment of Minnesota Lottery scratch tickets