With almost 200 breweries in the state, Minnesota has quickly become a craft beer destination. From the second oldest brewery in the country (Schell’s in New Ulm) to Revelation Ale Works way up north in Hallock – you can be sure to find a beer anywhere in between that fits your taste. Join in the pursuit of ‘hoppiness’ this summer by visiting some of the popular breweries found in our great state.

OMNI Brewing

This brewery looks to create something for everyone. While they keep a great selection of beers available year-round, they also offer seasonal and special release beers. With a new beer coming out every few months, you can bet that they’ll have something you like. Plus, they are friends of the environment – their taproom runs on solar power.

Bent Paddle

As noted in their name, Bent Paddle strives to “Bend the Traditions” of what they encounter. Instead of producing beer that most people expect from a certain style, they add a little ingenuity to their beer, making it their own. Their name also resembles how their head brew master used to stir his mash at an old job – with a bent shaft canoe paddle!

LTS Brewery

LTS (otherwise known as “Life’s Too Short”) wants everyone to find their happy place. They believe that their taproom is one of those places. Having a pet-friendly patio definitely supports that notion, but if sitting on a patio with your furry friend isn’t your happy place, you can also get their beer and soda to-go and bring it to wherever your happy place may be.

Junkyard Brewing

Known for experimenting with different flavors, Junkyard Brewing in Moorhead is constantly rotating the beers they have on tap. They pride themselves on offering unique flavors that you won’t find at a large chain. Their taproom was originally built by a beekeeper – so if you head to their taproom, take a look at their cement floor and you can still see where the beehives were painted all those years ago.

Urban Growler

In July of 2014, Minnesota opened its first women-owned microbrewery – Urban Growler. Their goal is to bring people together through beer – showcased by their Plow to Pint® series that features local ingredients and the farmers who grew them. Even if beer isn’t your thing, we recommend you go and try out their food! No matter what you go for, you’ll be reminded of their tagline “We’re beer for you™”.

Castle Danger

With Castle Danger, you can bring a little bit of the North Shore with you wherever you go. Not only does their taproom overlook Lake Superior, but their beer is brewed with water from the great lake, making it crisp and clean.

Foxhole Brewhouse

Starting out like many other breweries do, Liv and John Fuchs, co-owners of Foxhole Brewhouse in New London, were home brewers. They would often host tasting parties where they would go through 15-20 gallons of beer. With their last name meaning ‘Fox’ in German, Liv dubbed their home the Foxhole, which ultimately became the name of their brewery. The Foxhole specializes in IPA’s but they also have a long list of other beers for you to try.


The founders of Fulton went from brewing in a one car garage to opening the first taproom in Minneapolis. Being minutes from Target Center and Target Field, their two staple beers – Sweet Child of Vine and Lonely Blonde are great choices to enjoy before you head to a Twins, Timberwolves, or Lynx game.

Mankato Brewery

After opening in 2012, Mankato Brewery became the first production brewery in the area since 1967. They believe in supporting their community by brewing beers with local flavors, hosting live music from local acts and bringing in food trucks from nearby, you will definitely get a sense of being ‘home’ after visiting their taproom.

Burning Brothers

This brewery is different from others due to the fact their lineup only contains gluten-free beers! They use completely gluten free grains that don’t include wheat, barely or rye. The owners spent three years creating gluten free recipes that tasted like real beer. Head over to their taproom in Saint Paul to grab a pint and see what you think.

Schell’s Brewing Company

Our list would not be complete without a mention of the oldest and largest brewery in Minnesota. Located in New Ulm, Schell’s taproom has it all – beer, gardens, a deer enclosure, gift shop and more. They also opened a second facility and taproom known as the Starkeller that serves sour beers. Whether you are looking to see historic buildings or have a good beer, a stop at Schell’s is a must!

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