Jared Allen. It’s a name every Minnesota Vikings fan knows. So when it came to furnishing the ultimate Vikings fan cave (dubbed the Jan Cave, because you know, her name is Jan) we knew Jared had to be a part of it. But by putting Jared Allen himself in the Jan Cave, literally, that’s when our new commercial came to life.

Because we understand the true depth of Vikings football fandom, we knew we couldn’t cut corners when it came to outfitting Jared - right down to the infamous mullet and handlebar mustache. We were also lucky enough to get our hands on the original Jared Allen uniform, courtesy of the Vikings museum. And, yes, it still fit him perfectly. The throwback uniform, partnered with a perfectly groomed mullet (wig) and facial hair, brought us right back to 2009.

And then there’s the acting chops. It’s no secret that Jared is funny, but when you put him in front of a camera his true personality comes through. He had the entire crew laughing for the entire three hours we had him on set, and it made selecting the best cuts to share with Lottery players all the more difficult. Pair a funny Allen with a hilarious Jan (and a dog named Lil’ Pug Grant) and we haven’t stopped laughing since.

Experience the Jan Cave again: