Minnesota Online Gambling Legislative Update

As you may have heard in the media, the Minnesota State Legislature voted in May to end the Minnesota Lottery's ability to sell our eScratch tickets sold on the Lottery's website.  The same legislation also requires the ending of our Play at the Pump and Play at the ATM sales. The Lottery is required by law to end these services on or before September 25, 2015.

The Lottery is currently working with our vendors who operate these programs to figure out many of the details regarding winding down the system. In the meantime, however, players are still able to use these systems like normal. Our eScratch, Internet lotto games, gas pump, and ATM sales are currently operational until further notice.

We want to make a commitment to you, our valued players, that we will make sure you have as much information as possible as we proceed through this transition.  It is the Lottery's hope that when the newly prohibited programs are suspended, it will have as little impact as possible on you.

Thank you for your patience and for your continued support of the Minnesota Lottery.

Comments or questions about this legislation can be directed to us at pr@mnlottery.com.

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