AS OF OCTOBER 19, 2014


1.0.    Name of Product

The name of this product is “MONOPOLY® MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB™” Television Game Show.  It is a component of the “MONOPOLY® MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB™” Lotto Game offered by the Minnesota State Lottery.

Unless   otherwise   defined   or   the   context   clearly   indicates   otherwise,   all capitalized  terms  used  in  this  Addendum  shall  have  the  same  meaning  as defined in the “MONOPOLY® MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB™” Game Procedures.  The additional rules are as follows:

2.0.    Definitions

A.       “Account Holder” means a purchaser of a “MONOPOLY® MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB™” Ticket, who, consistent with the rules outlined in this Addendum, has validly registered for an online account on the W ebsite.  The Account Holder must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.

B.       “Bonus Qualifying Property” means a MONOPOLY game board property that is assigned to an Account Holder at random upon entry of a valid Webcode on the Website by the Account Holder.

C.      “Community Chest Card” means the MONOPOLY game element awarded to an Account Holder at initial registration that represents a completed MONOPOLY Property Group selected at random.  The Account Holder is automatically entitled to the number of Entries the MONOPOLY Property Group represents, as outlined in Table 1 below.

D.      “Entry”  or  “Entries”  means  a  registered  chance  for  a  selection  to participate as a studio audience member on the TV G am e Show.   An Account Holder receives entries by entering W ebcodes into the Website. The number of Entries allocated to the Account Holder depends on the specific MONOPOLY Property Group, as outlined in Section 3.0 E., that the Account Holder has collected and submitted to his or her online account.   Each Ticket has a Qualifying Property, and each Webcode entered into the Website entitles the Account Holder to a Bonus Qualifying Property.  Entries  are  only  valid  for  specific  drawings  and  must  be registered to an Account Holder’s account prior to the entry deadline for each respective drawing.
E.       “Guest”  means  the  person   selected   by  the   Prizewinner  that  may accompany the Prizewinner to the filming of the TV Show.   Unless the Guest is designated or appointed as the Prizewinner’s Proxy, the Guest is not  eligible  to  be  an  on-stage  participant  on  the  TV  Show.     The Prizewinner is solely responsible for the actions of the Guest who accompanies the Prizewinner.  A Guest must be at least eighteen (18) years of age to accompany the Prizewinner and to attend the TV Show.

F.      “MONOPOLY   Property   Groups”   means   a   collection   of   Qualifying Properties, as outlined in Section 3.0 E., representing the traditional sets of properties that appear on the original MONOPOLY board game in the same color scheme, for example “Boardwalk” and “Park Place”.  The four railroad properties comprise a single Property Group.   The two utility properties (Waterworks and the Electric Company”) comprise a single Property Group.  Completed and registered MONOPOLY Property Groups entitle the Account Holder to the respective number of Entries into the respective drawing for the Second Chance prize.

G.      “Prizewinner” means, where used in this Addendum, the Account Holder that is awarded the Second Chance Prize.

H.      “Producer” means the television  production company that will develop, produce  and  market  the  “MONOPOLY®  MILLIONAIRES’  CLUB™  TV Game Show.

I.      “Proxy”  means,  where  permitted  by  the  Lottery  Director,  an  individual selected by the Account Holder who is at least eighteen (18) years of age and acceptable to the Lottery, to participate as a studio audience member on the TV Show in place of the Account Holder.   Note, MUSL and the Producer(s)  reserve  the  right  to  appoint  a  Proxy at  any  time  for  any reason.

J.      “Qualifying  Property”  means  the  associated  MONOPOLY  game  board property that appears on each “MONOPOLY® MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB™” Game Ticket, which Account Holders combine to form MONOPOLY Property Groups.   Qualifying Properties have a corresponding Webcode that must be entered online at the Website by the Account Holder. Qualifying Properties registered on an Account Holder’s account that do not form completed MONOPOLY Property Groups do not expire. Registered Qualifying Properties will remain on an Account Holder’s online MONOPOLY game board until they are compiled into MONOPOLY Property Groups.

K.       “Second Chance Prize” means the prize awarded to an Account Holder who is selected to be a participating studio audience member on the TV Show. The prize awarded to a Prizewinner consists of transportation to and  from  Las  Vegas,  $500  spending  money,  lodging,  and  meals  for five (5) days and four (4) nights awarded to the Prizewinner. The value of the prize is approximately $7,019.93, inclusive of applicable taxes.   A Second Chance Prize will only be awarded to the Prizewinner.

L.       “TV  Show”  means  a  nationwide  television  game  show  developed  by the product Group and aired in conjunction with the “MONOPOLY® MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB™” lotto game.

M.      “Website” means, the Lottery’s official website where Account  Holders  who  purchased  “MONOPOLY®  MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB™” Game Tickets in Minnesota may establish new accounts, register the W ebcodes from game tickets, and compile their Qualifying Properties into MONOPOLY Property Groups in order to earn Entries for the Second Chance Prize.

3.0.    “MONOPOLY®  MILLIONAIRES’  CLUB™”  Television  Game  Show Description

A.       In conjunction with the “MONOPOLY® MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB™” Game, the Product Group will produce a TV Show.     The TV Show will be produced at times and places approved by the Product Group for broadcast at times approved by the Product Group.

B.       Contests  played  on  the  TV  Show  shall  be  operated  in  a  manner as approved by the Product Group.

C.       Eligibility.  Unless otherwise indicated by the Lottery, an Account Holder may be selected for the Second Chance Prize by registering one or more Qualifying Properties on the Website with a Webcode and creating MONOPOLY Property Groups, according to the requirements of these procedures.  A Prizewinner must be present in the studio audience to be eligible to participate as an on-stage participant in a game or games to be conducted on the TV Show.   Unless designated as a Proxy, Guests of Prizewinners are not eligible to be selected as an on-stage game participant.

D.       How to Register.  To register for a chance to win the Second Chance Prize, a player must visit the W ebsite and become an Account Holder by providing the complete information requested, by certifying that he or she is 18 years of age or older, and provide all other identifying information requested.  The Account Holder must enter the W ebcode assigned to the Ticket, which will register the Qualifying Property indicated on the Ticket in the Account Holder’s account.     Each Webcode registered in the Account   Holder’s   account   also   awards   one   (1)   additional   Bonus Qualifying Property for a limited time.  In addition, the first time a player enters a Webcode, he or she will receive a Community Chest Card that awards the player a completed MONOPOLY Property Group.

E.       Additional Entries.  For all additional Webcodes registered to an Account Holder’s account following initial registration, the Account Holder will receive the associated Qualifying Property from the Ticket and one (1) additional Bonus Qualifying Property.   All Qualifying Properties populate the  Account  Holder’s personal  online  MONOPOLY  game  board.  Each time the Account Holder collects a MONOPOLY Property Group, he or she receives the associated number of Entries in the next drawing for the Second Chance Prize.   As MONOPOLY Property Groups are completed, Entries are automatically submitted, and the properties are cleared off the Account Holder’s board, allowing the Account Holder to collect the same MONOPOLY  Property  Group  again,  should  the  Account  Holder accumulate the same Qualifying properties.   Entries are only valid for specific drawings and must be registered prior to the entry deadline.

MONOPOLY Property Groups
No. of Entries


Mediterranean Avenue & Baltic Avenue 2
Oriental  Avenue  &  Vermont  Avenue  &  Connecticut Avenue 4
St. Charles Place & States Avenue & Virginia Avenue 6
St.  James  Place  &  Tennessee  Avenue  &  New  York Avenue 8
Kentucky Avenue & Indiana Avenue & Illinois Avenue 10
Atlantic Avenue & Ventnor Avenue & Marvin Gardens 12
Pacific  Avenue  &  North  Carolina  Avenue  &  Pennsylvania Avenue 15
Park Place & Boardwalk 20
Reading RR & Pennsylvania RR & B&O RR & Short Line RR 16
Electric Company & Water Works 10

4.0    Studio Audience Members        

A.    Selection of Prizewinners.  As  specified by the Product Group and posted on the Website, drawings will be conducted to select Prizewinners.  Prizewinners  shall  be  selected  from  those  Account  Holders whose accounts have accumulated Entries during the drawing period.  For each such drawing, a minimum of three (3) Minnesota State Lottery Account Holders shall be selected as Prizewinners.  Each Prizewinner shall have the right to participate in a selection process to be chosen as an on-stage participant on the TV Show, and to compete for prizes awarded to the winners of such game elements.  Drawing dates and entry deadlines for each drawing will be posted on the W ebsite.  An Account Holder may only win one (1) Second Chance Prize per drawing period.

B.       Second Chance Prizes Awarded.  Each Account Holder that is selected will receive:   $500 spending money, transportation, meals, and lodging (five days and four nights) for himself or herself to travel to and from Las Vegas,  Nevada  for  the  TV  Show  taping.     The  estimated value    of each  Second  Chance  Prize  is  $7,019.93,  inclusive  of  all applicable withholding taxes.

C.      Deadline  for  Qualifying  for  Second  Chance  Prizes.    After  each drawing, selected Account Holders will be contacted, as soon as possible, using the information provided by the Account Holder on their account. The Lottery must receive a completed Lottery claim form from selected Account Holders within ten (10) business days of being notified they have been selected in the drawing in order to claim the Second Chance Prize. Failure to do so shall result in the Second Chance Prize being forfeited to an Alternate Account Holder.   The Lottery has no liability to Account Holders who fail to respond or to Account Holders who fail to receive communications as a result of Account Holder’s failure to accurately enter or update their information on their account.

D.      Alternate Selection of Studio Audience Members.   After selection of the three (3) Account Holders for each drawing, the Lottery will draw a minimum of three (3) Alternate Account Holders.  In the event that any of the three originally selected Account Holders are unwilling or unable to accept their Second Chance Prize award, for whatever reason, or if the Lottery  has  not  received  a  completed  Lottery  claim  form  within ten (10) business days of being notified they have been selected in the drawing, or if the Lottery is unable to contact a selected Account Holder, then an Alternate Account Holder, starting with the first Alternate Account Holder  selected,  will  be  given  the  opportunity  to  accept  the  Second Chance Prize award. The number of Alternate Studio Audience Members selected for each drawing is subject to change at the discretion of the Director.

E.      Requirements for Each TV Show Audience.

1.    The product Group has determined that each studio audience shall consist of 125 Prizewinners from participating Lotteries, plus 125 Guests.  All Prizewinners and Guests must be at least eighteen (18) years of age.  No minors are permitted to attend or participate in the TV Show.

2.       The  Producer  retains  the  right  to  appoint  a  Proxy  for  any Prizewinner selected for on-stage participation on the TV Show at any time and for any reason.

3.       The  Product  Group  may  select  additional  Account  Holders  (in addition to the minimum of three (3) Account Holders) for the Second Chance Prizes.  The number of additional Account Holders selected  will  be  predicated  proportionally  on  sales  of “MONOPOLY® MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB™” Game Tickets in Minnesota relative to ticket sales in other Product Group member jurisdictions.

4.       No transfers; Exceptions.  A Prizewinner shall not have the right to transfer such selection to another person or Proxy, except that the Director, in his or her sole discretion, may permit the selected registered Account Holder to appoint  a Proxy reasonably acceptable to the Lottery to participate as a studio audience member in place of the selected registered Account Holder, but in such case, the Second Chance Prize, together with any prize(s) awarded as a result of participation in the studio audience or in a game element on the TV Show shall be deemed to be received by the selected Account Holder, not the Proxy.

5.       No Cash Options; Exceptions.  A Prizewinner shall not have the right to decline the payment of expenses for transportation, meals, spending  money  and  lodging  to  and  from  the  TV  Show  in exchange for a sum of money equivalent to the value of such expenses; except in a case where the Director, in his or her sole discretion,  determines  that  such  registered  Account  Holder  is legally subject to a debt setoff of such expense payments per Section 4.0. E. 6.

6.       Debt Setoffs.  All Prizes, including those won by a Prizewinner on the TV Show, may be subject to revenue recapture pursuant to Minnesota Statutes Chapter 270A, and the Minnesota Lottery Act, Minnesota Statutes Chapter 349A.    In such case, the amount determined by the Product Group to be equivalent to the value of the Second Chance Prize may be offset and applied to the prizewinner’s obligations in accordance with the applicable Minnesota law.   Any remaining balance after debt setoff, if any, will be awarded to the prizewinner as a cash prize.     If the Prizewinner is able to immediately and independently satisfy any such debt that would otherwise subject the Second Chance Prize to debt setoff under this section, the Lottery will not pursue the liquidation of Second Chance Prizes for setoff purposes.    For purposes of  this section, the  Prizewinner  must satisfy the  debt within the time specified for the Prizewinner to qualify for Second Chance Prizes, as provided in Section 4.0 C. of these procedures.

F.    Taxes.   Any and all federal or state taxes are the responsibility of the Account Holder or prizewinner.  For tax reporting purposes, Prizewinners shall be required to furnish appropriate taxpayer identification information to the Lottery.

5.0    Governing Law

In purchasing a “MONOPOLY® MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB™” Ticket, and in participating in the MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB TV Show, the player agrees to comply with and abide by these procedures for the “MONOPOLY® MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB™” TV Show; the “MONOPOLY® MILLIONAIRES’  CLUB™”  Game  procedures,  Minnesota  Statutes Chapter 349A (the State Lottery Law); the Lottery’s Prize Payment Rules, including, but not limited to Minnesota Statutes Chapter 270A (Revenue Recapture),  MUSL  Rules,  MUSL  “MONOPOLY®  MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB™” Product Group Rules, and all final decisions of the Lottery Director.