Earth Defenders Free Contest

Congrats to these winners!


  • Leta B. of Wabasha - she lives small, cooks and bakes from scratch, burns corn for heat (buys it in bulk), and rides her bike for 99% of her transportation needs. She has helped implement a free bike system in her town and worked on bike trails.
  • Roberta R. of Canyon - she has cultivated her land into a monarch habitat and protects painted turtles and their eggs. On Earth Day, she plants white pines.
  • Bruce T. of Stewartville - he and his brothers reforested 12 acres of their land planting thousands of hardwood tree seeds. They also partnered with Trout Unlimited to restore a creek bank that borders their property.
  • Katie K. of Minnetonka - she is an Outreach Specialist Intern for the International Wolf Center and travels to schools to teach students about wolf biology/ecology. She also has raised and released 80 monarch butterflies with the Citizen Scientist program.
  • Jeff I. of South Haven - he has planted over 500 trees over 10 years, is raising two bee colonies, and has over 35 acres of wildflowers in the CRP program.
  • Theresa H. of Duluth - she has 10 acres of wild area with an organic garden and orchard. She teaches workshops in the community about using invasive species as dyes, small space gardening and upcycling. She helped found the Lake Superior College Sustainability Counsel and their vermicomposting greenhouse.
  • Elizabeth H. of Underwood - she plants trees and builds martin houses to help bring purple martins back to Minnesota.
  • James P. of Westbrook - he plants a variety of trees every year. His land has been used for plant and butterfly surveys, and fish surveys. It also has many birdhouses and even some bee colonies. 
  • Randi G. of West St. Paul - she has helped Inver Hills Community College become a Bee Campus USA certified institute that advocates for pollinators. They have pollinator gardens and bee motels to be placed around campus. They host educational events including an Earth Day Birthday Bash.
  • Bradley W. of Nicollet - he has installed solar panels on his home, uses bamboo toilet paper, reusable bags, picks up litter on walks, and supports our State Parks.
  • David N. of Andover -  he works with a renewable energy company that specializes in biomass densification. Raw waste materials can be turned into fuel pellets and brickets which can be burned cleanly.
  • Pam W. of Rochester - she has 14 beehives and plants wild flowers for them to feed on. The bees produce about 500 pounds of honey per year and it is sold at the local farmers market. 
  • Bryan W. of Maplewood - he volunteers with Keepers of the North, Great River Greening, and Friends of the Mississippi Avenues for Homeless Youth to do good in neighborhoods in his community. He is also a part of Adopt-a-Highway.
  • Mike F. of South St. Paul - he is passionate about soil and preserving it. He has a compost box of 2000 worms in his kitchen to turn food waste in nutrients to fertilize soil. He also rides his bike to work, plants native wildflowers, and picks up litter.
  • Timothy O. of St. Paul - he built one of the most energy efficient homes in our state, which included airtight insulation, passive solar heating, air source heat pumps, rain barrels, and 30 solar panels. 
  • Jon L. of Lino Lakes - he uses fishing magnets to clean up scrap metal and junk in Minnesota lakes to help keep them clean for future generations.
  • Barry B. of Ramsey - he developed reverse hybrid marigolds for bees and butterflies. 
  • Tom T. of Eden Prairie - he collects rainwater to grow his own food and flowers, composts indoors and outdoors, recycles, and graduated from Hennepin County's Zero Waste Course which included a six month Zero Waste Home Surveillance program. He also works with People Reaching to Other People (PROP).