Claim a Prize

Claim a prize at retailers

You can claim prizes up to $599 at any of our lottery retailers (provided they have the cash on hand). 

Claim a prize by mail

Prizes up to and including $50,000 can be claimed by mail.

  • Completely fill out the back of the ticket.
  • Winners of $600 or more must also complete a claim form.
  • Mail to:

Minnesota State Lottery
P.O. Box 131000
Roseville, MN 55113

We recommend that you keep a copy of the front and back of your ticket for your records and that you use registered mail. 

Claim a prize at Lottery offices

  • Prizes up to and including $599.99 can be claimed ONLY at the Minnesota Lottery headquarters in Roseville or at any retailer with available funds.
  • Prizes from $600 up to and including $50,000 can be claimed at ANY Minnesota Lottery office (office hours vary by location). 
  • Prizes over $50,000 must be claimed in person at the Lottery's headquarters in Roseville. Please call 651-635-8273 (choose option 2) to schedule a time to claim your prize. If prizewinners arrive after 4 p.m., their prize payment may not be made until the next business day.
  • 07/01/17 Amendment (PDF)


For every Lottery prize over $5,000, 31.25 percent is deducted for federal and state withholding. Federal law requires the Lottery to withhold 24 percent of each payment for federal income tax and state law requires that 7.25 percent be withheld for Minnesota personal income tax.

If you are not a resident of Minnesota, the 7.25 percent Minnesota income tax is still deducted from your check. A professional tax adviser can help you determine the best way to handle your federal and state tax obligations.

The amount withheld may or may not be sufficient to meet your total tax liability. Other income may increase your tax rate, and tax rates change. It may be in your best interest to rough out your taxes to see if you may need to pay in at the end of the year.

Debts owed to the State of Minnesota

Under the Minnesota Revenue Recapture Act, Lottery prize winners of $600 or more are subject to a review by the Minnesota Department of Revenue for money owed to the state. Debts are subtracted from prize amounts.