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July 2020 Ticket Fan Scratch 570 x 320

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We're sorry...

This game is no longer available. Prizes may be claimed up to one (1) year after the game ends.

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How To Play

All right, this gets a little complicated but you expected that when you bought a $10 crossword scratch ticket, right? Take your time; it’ll be fun!

  1. First, scratch the “YOUR LETTERS” play area to reveal 20 letters.
  2. Then, in each PUZZLE; scratch each letter that matches “YOUR LETTERS.” PRO TIP: You might want to do these one at a time. Scratch one letter in "YOUR LETTERS," then scratch the corresponding letter in each PUZZLE. Repeat until you've scratched all the "YOUR LETTERS" and the corresponding letters in the puzzles. 
  3. If you completely uncover three or more words in the same puzzle, you win the corresponding prize shown in the PRIZE KEY.
  4. If you completely uncover any one “PINK” Instant Prize word, win the corresponding prize shown for that same word (even if there are less than three words revealed in the PUZZLE). A “PINK” Instant Prize word has each and every letter of the word highlighted in pink.
  5. Scratch the “PUZZLE 1 MULTIPLIER.” Multiply your PUZZLE 1 winning prize or the “PINK” Instant Prize word winning prize by the number revealed in the “PUZZLE 1 MULTIPLIER.”
  6. Scratch the “PUZZLE 2 MULTIPLIER.” Multiply your PUZZLE 2 winning prize or the “PINK” Instant Prize word winning prize by the number revealed in the “PUZZLE 2 MULTIPLIER.”
  7. FAST $100 SPOT: Uncover a “100” in the “FAST $100 SPOT,” win $100 instantly! (“FAST $100 SPOT” does not multiply).
  • EACH PUZZLE PLAYS SEPARATELY. Words on each puzzle cannot be combined to win a higher prize.
  • EACH MULTIPLIER ALSO PLAYS SEPARATELY. The number revealed in the Puzzle 1 MULTIPLIER cannot be combined with the number revealed in Puzzle 2 MULTIPLIER to win a higher multiplier number. The number revealed in Puzzle 1 MULTIPLIER cannot be used to multiply a Puzzle 2 winning prize.

TOP PRIZE: $200,000

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Prizes & Odds

To Win: Odds* Number of Prizes**
$10 1 in 5.26 275,326
$20 1 in 15.39 94,177
$25 1 in 100.53 14,413
$50 1 in 34.27 42,283
$100 1 in 77.03 18,810
$150 1 in 1,684.88 860
$200 1 in 2,610.81 555
$250 1 in 2,852.36 508
$500 1 in 6,139.83 236
$1,000 1 in 90,562.50 16
$2,000 1 in 161,000.00 9
$5,000 1 in 289,800.00 5
$10,000 1 in 724,500.00 2
$200,000 1 in 483,000.00 3

*The overall ticket odds of winning are 1 in 3.24. 

**The number of actual winners may vary based on sales, distribution and number of prizes claimed.

Game Rules [PDF]