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Bazinga Bingo

Bazinga Bingo Scratch Ticket

$3 - Bazinga Bingo (Game 697)

Game Procedures (PDF)

Three bucks is burning a hole in your pocket protector and you’re looking for a little bang for your bucks? Or maybe a BIG BANG?! We’ve got you covered with Bazinga Bingo! 

Top Prize: $25,000

To Play: 

  1. Scratch off the “Caller’s Card” to reveal a total of 25 Bingo numbers.
  2. Scratch the corresponding numbers on Cards 1 through 4.
  3. Scratch the BAZINGA NUMBER area to uncover a BAZINGA NUMBER. Scratch all the numbers on CARDS 1 through 4 that end with that number that exactly matches the BAZINGA NUMBER. For example, if the BAZINGA NUMBER you uncover is a 6, scratch only the numbers, 06,16,26,36,46,56, and 66 each time they appear on Cards 1 through 4.
  4. Check the legend for each card to see how to win for that play area. For example, for Card 1: horizontal, vertical, or diagonal lines are worth $3, four corners are worth $20, and a complete X is worth $100. 

Odds & Prizes