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Skee Ball Scratch Ticket

693 - Skee-Ball
Game Procedures (PDF)

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Top Prize:


1. Scratch the YOUR SHOTS play area to reveal ten YOUR SHOT numbers.

2. On the SKEE-BALL BOARD, scratch only the numbers that match those in the YOUR SHOTS play area.

3. Add up the POINTS that correspond to each of the matched YOUR SHOT numbers on the SKEE-BALL BOARD. (Each matched YOUR SHOT number will correspond to an individual point value displayed on the SKEE-BALL BOARD.)

4. If you total 150 or more POINTS on the SKEE-BALL BOARD, win the prize indicated in the PRIZE KEY. (For example, if your total POINTS is equal to 320, you win $15.)


1. Some YOUR SHOT numbers may not match a number on the SKEE-BALL BOARD.

2. A POINT TOTAL of 149 or less is a non-winning ticket.

3. Only one prize may be won per ticket. A ticket can only win the highest prize in the PRIZE KEY that corresponds to the total POINTS earned from the matched YOUR SHOT numbers on the SKEE-BALL BOARD.

To Win:Odds*# of Prizes**
$3 1 in 7.27 369,093
$5 1 in 14.28 187,933
$10 1 in 28.57 93,951
$15 1 in 50 53,688
$30 1 in 149.98 17,898
$50 1 in 435.36 6,166
$100 1 in 532.83 5,038
$1,000 1 in 95,871.43 28
$30,000 1 in 536,880 5

  *The overall ticket odds of winning are 1 in 3.66.        
 **The number of actual winners may vary based on sales, distribution and number of prizes claimed.