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Powerball Roll Generates $9.6 Million for Minnesota

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Roseville, Minn. (Feb. 12, 2015) – While Powerball jackpot winners in North Carolina, Puerto Rico and Texas celebrate their wins, Minnesotans can also celebrate knowing that the jackpot roll which began on Dec. 3 and ended with last night’s $564.1 million jackpot will result in $9.6 million more for the public good.

“While we always hope that the jackpot is won right here in Minnesota, the money generated from ticket sales from games like Powerball benefits everyone in Minnesota,” said Lottery Executive Director Ed Van Petten. “A better Minnesota. That’s the Lottery’s biggest prize!”

Powerball sales of $23.8 million generated the following for the state of Minnesota:

  • $5.3 million for the state’s General Fund
  • $2.5 million for the Environment & Natural Resources Trust Fund
  • $874,206 for the Game & Fish Fund
  • $874,206 for the Natural Resources Fund

During this jackpot roll Minnesota’s lottery players won $2.2 million on 384,205 winning Powerball tickets.

Minnesota’s lottery retailers earned approximately $1.4 million from Powerball sales since the roll began.

Proceeds from the Minnesota State Lottery benefit all Minnesotans. Since 1990, the Lottery has raised more than $2.4 billion for state programs. The General Fund has received over $1.3 billion to help fund necessary functions such as education, public safety and health and human services. More than $975 million has funded important environmental programs. 

MN State Lottery Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Governor Dayton

ROSEVILLE, Minn. (Feb. 6, 2015) – The Minnesota State Lottery is celebrating 25 years since the first tickets went on sale April 17, 1990.  Governor Dayton and organizations that have directly benefited from Lottery proceeds will attend today’s press conference.

The press event’s location highlights great examples of work being done with Lottery proceeds: the Science Museum’s Children’s Back Yard, activities underway to protect the Mississippi River, efforts to preserve the critically important habitat next to both the river and museum, and the challenges our rivers and lakes face from invasive species.  

"Minnesotans everywhere, their health, and their outdoor activities all benefit from our State Lottery's proceeds,” said Governor Mark Dayton. “Minnesotans voted overwhelmingly to create our Lottery twenty-five years ago. It has been professionally managed, well-run, and an important source of funding to improve our state.”

Over the last quarter century, the State of Minnesota’s General Fund, which supports critical state functions including education, transportation and health care, received more than $1.4 billion. Minnesota’s environment and natural resources have also benefited from the Lottery through the Game & Fish Fund, Natural Resources Fund, and Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. Together these funds have received $960 million from the lottery.

“I am excited to report that since April of 1990 lottery sales have exceed $9.9 billion; players have won more than $5.9 billion; retailers across Minnesota have earned over $590 million as our partners; and more than $2.4 billion has benefited Minnesota in many ways,” said Ed Van Petten, Executive Director of the Minnesota State Lottery.  “A better Minnesota. That’s the Lottery’s biggest prize.”

More than 900 projects in every corner of Minnesota have received funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund (ENRTF) to support land conservation, public parks, and so much more.  Organizations that include Ducks and Trout Unlimited, the National Eagle Center, the International Wolf Center, the Minnesota Zoo, the Red Lake Watershed District, the Trust for Public Land, research projects at the University of Minnesota and the state departments of Agriculture, Natural Resources and those that join us today are just a few of the many organizations that help preserve our natural resources.

"Since 2003 we've been able to work to restore the ecological health of more than 1,300 acres of Mississippi River bluffs including some of the largest intact natural areas in the Twin Cities metro area, said Whitney Clark, Executive Director, Friends of the Mississippi River.  “In the process, we've leveraged almost $2 million in non-state resources. This work could not have happened without the funding we received from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund."

With funding from the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center (MAISRC) at the University of Minnesota was created in 2012 to use innovative science to find solutions to Minnesota's aquatic invasive species problems. 

Since that time, MAISRC researchers have installed the first of its kind experimental underwater speaker system at Lock & Dam #8 to deter the advance of Asian carp; launched studies to help slow the spread of zebra mussels in our inland lakes and rivers; begun a search for a biological control of Eurasian water milfoil; and initiated several other studies to protect our lakes, rivers, and streams from the damage caused by aquatic invasive species. 

The Lottery continues to evolve with the marketplace and has always focused on offering products that are well received by our players and supported by our retail partners. Minnesotans in all 87 counties benefit from State Lottery proceeds, and surveys show Minnesotans continue to both support their Lottery and appreciate knowing the proceeds go to the public good.

“Everyone at the Lottery is committed to making sure we continue to deliver for Minnesota in the 21st Century,” said Van Petten. “Supporting critically important organizations like the Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center, Friends of the Mississippi River, and the Science Museum of Minnesota is at the core of why the Lottery was created.”

Press Conference - Where the Money Goes (click for examples)

Feb. 6, 2015, 10am, Science Museum of Minnesota

6th floor, 120 W. Kellogg Blvd. St. Paul, Minn.

Joining Governor Mark Dayton and Ed Van Petten to highlight their work, funded in part by proceeds from the MN State Lottery:  

-         Tom Landwehr, Commissioner, Minnesota Department of Natural Resources

-         Susan Galatowitsch, Director, Minnesota Aquatic Invasive Species Research Center at the University of Minnesota

-         Whitney Clark, Executive Director, Friends of the Mississippi River

-         Eric Jolly, President, Science Museum of Minnesota

“The Game of a Lifetime™” Arrives in Minnesota Jan. 27

Offers Players a Chance to Win Two Lifetime Prizes

ROSEVILLE, Minn. (Jan. 26, 2015) — Minnesota players will soon have the chance to win $1,000 a day for life or $25,000 a year for life by playing the newest multi-state lottery game, Lucky for Life.

Beginning Jan. 27, Lucky for Life tickets will be available for sale at more than 3,000 lottery retailers across Minnesota. In addition to the two lifetime prizes, Lucky for Life offers eight other ways to win.

“The win for life-themed scratch games that we’ve offered in the past have been incredibly successful here in Minnesota, so we’re thrilled to be adding the Lucky for Life lotto game to our product lineup,” stated Ed Van Petten, the Lottery’s Executive Director. “With the popularity of lifetime prizes, we’re confident this game will generate additional revenue for our important beneficiaries.”

Lucky for Life tickets cost $2. The game follows the traditional match and win format as other lotto games. Players can choose a quick-pick ticket or select five numbers from 1 to 48 and one Lucky Ball number from 1 to 18. Players can purchase up to 14 draws in advance. Drawings are Mondays and Thursdays at approximately 9:38 p.m. The first drawing will take place Thursday, Jan. 29.

Minnesota joins the multi-state game with 13 other lotteries, including Arkansas, Connecticut, Delaware, Idaho, Maine, Massachusetts, Michigan, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, South Carolina and Vermont.

For more information about Lucky for Life, visit:  

Minnesota State Lottery Issues Warning About Lottery Scam

ROSEVILLE, Minn. (Jan. 15, 2015) – The Minnesota State Lottery just learned of a scam that involves lottery winners Joe and Rhonda Meath.

An e-mail that appears to have been sent by Joe and Rhonda Meath states that the couple has donated $1 million to four lucky individuals as part of their charity project. The e-mail states the individual is one of four lucky recipients of the money and must provide their name, address and contact number to get the cash.

“Anybody who receives this e-mail should delete it,” said Lottery Executive Director Ed Van Petten. “While Joe and Rhonda Meath did win a lottery jackpot and have generously supported many of their favorite charities, they did not send this e-mail and they are not offering the $1 million donation. This is an attempt to fraudulently collect personal information from unsuspecting people.”

While it is common for scammers to pretend to be an employee of a lottery or to use the name of a lottery association or game, it is very unusual for them to actually use a winner’s identity.

Individuals should always be suspicious of a telephone call, e-mail or letter that asks for money in advance of payment of a prize or one that asks for personal information. They should never provide personal information, such as their phone number, address, mother’s maiden name, bank information, credit card information, Social Security number, PIN numbers or any other information. Nor should they send money, including cashier’s checks, money orders, any type of prepaid card or any other type of payment.  Individuals who suspect fraud should contact their local law enforcement agency.  

Waterville Couple Begin New Year with $1 Million Raffle Win

ROSEVILLE, MN (Jan. 2, 2015) – Alan and Patricia Potter of Waterville are Minnesota’s newest $1 million winners.

"It’s going to be a life changer,” said Alan as he and his wife, Patricia, claimed a $1 million Minnesota Millionaire Raffle prize today at Lottery headquarters.

“But it’s not like we’ll be quitting our jobs anytime soon,” he added. Alan (52), who works as a pest control technician and Patricia (47), who works as a registered nurse, both say they enjoy their jobs too much to quit. However, they agree that retirement may come earlier than previously planned.

Alan has purchased two Raffle tickets every year since the Lottery began offering the game in 2006. The couple discovered their win Jan. 1 after checking their Raffle tickets on the Lottery’s website. The first ticket, ticket number 662422, won one of the $1 million top prizes while the second ticket was worth $100. “I would have been happy with just 100 bucks,” Alan said with a smile.

“This was meant to be,” said Patricia. The win falls on the birthdate of her mother, who passed away last spring. “She’s definitely shining down on us,” Patricia said.

While the Potters plan to “let the win sink in” before they decide what to do with their prize money, they do know one thing: “We’re going to upgrade our airfare to first class” for their upcoming trip to Mexico!

Mankato Quick Mart, located at 402 N. Second St. in Mankato, sold the Potter’s $1 million winning ticket. The retailer will receive a $5,000 bonus for the selling the ticket.

The second $1 million Raffle prize has not yet been claimed. The winning ticket was sold in Anoka County. 

$1 Million Raffle Tickets Sold in Anoka and Blue Earth Counties

ROSEVILLE, MN (Jan. 1, 2015) – Two Minnesota Millionaire Raffle tickets are each worth $1 million! The winning tickets were sold in Anoka County and Blue Earth County. These tickets are just two of 4,160 winning Minnesota Millionaire Raffle tickets from this year’s drawing:

●   Two tickets worth $1 million each were sold in Anoka and Blue Earth counties. The winning ticket numbers, in ascending order, are 490516 and 662422.

●   Five tickets, each winning $100,000, were sold in Chippewa, Dakota, Hennepin, Washington and Wilkin counties. These winning ticket numbers, in ascending order, are 103652, 323840, 407001, 644137 and 688114.

●   Five tickets are each worth $25,000. The winning ticket numbers are 027821, 580500, 634670, 639519 and 690075.

●   Ten tickets each won $10,000. The winning ticket numbers are 004293, 138777, 194109, 238973, 339674, 355713, 469976, 477267, 515972 and 579120.

●   One hundred tickets won $500 each.

●   Four thousand tickets each won $100.

●   Thirty-eight tickets won a bonus merchandise prize, including a 2015 Ford Explorer (ticket number 037962, sold in Hennepin County), 2015 Ford Edge (ticket number 087133, sold in Ramsey County) and a 2015 Ford Mustang (ticket number 379052, sold in Washington County).

The names of the stores that sold the winning tickets will not be released until after the tickets have been presented by the winners and validated as winning tickets.

Players can go to for a complete list of the winning numbers. Players can also sign the back of their ticket and check it at any lottery retailer.

Winners of the $1 million prizes, $100,000 prizes and 2015 Ford Explorer, Edge and Mustang bonus prizes must claim the prize in person at the Lottery’s headquarters in Roseville. They should call the Lottery’s Public Relations office at (651) 635-8271 to make arrangements to claim their prize.

The $25,000 prizes, $10,000 prizes, $500 prizes, $100 prizes and all bonus prizes (except the 2015 Ford Explorer, Edge and Mustang) can be claimed at any Lottery office or by mail. Lottery retailers can pay the $500 prizes and $100 prizes if they have the cash available.

Players have until Jan. 4, 2016 to claim all prizes from the Jan. 1, 2015 Raffle.

Minnesota Millionaire Raffle Tickets Sold Out

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ROSEVILLE, MN (Dec. 19, 2014) – Players who didn’t get a chance to purchase tickets for Minnesota’s most popular raffle game—Minnesota Millionaire Raffle—will have to wait until next year.

The last Raffle ticket was sold at approximately 12:40 p.m.

This is the ninth year the Lottery has offered the Raffle game. Since Raffle continues to grow in popularity each year, 100,000 extra tickets were added to this year’s game. A total of 700,000 tickets were available for sale for the chance to win: (2) $1 million prizes, (5) $100,000 prizes, (5) $25,000 prizes, (10) $10,000 prizes, (100) $500 prizes and (4,000) $100 prizes. In addition, each ticket is eligible to win one of 38 bonus prizes.

Ed Van Petten, the Lottery’s Executive Director, encourages players to sign the back of their tickets and put them in a safe place until all 4,160 winning numbers are announced on New Year’s Day.

Players will be able to check their Raffle tickets on the Lottery’s website on Jan. 1 by visiting or they can have their tickets checked at any lottery retailer.

For more information about Minnesota Millionaire Raffle, visit:

Sales of MONOPOLY Millionaires' Club Lottery Game to be Suspended December 26

ROSEVILLE, MN (Dec. 15, 2014) – Sales of the MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB lottery game in its current format will end Dec. 26 across the country, lottery officials said today.

“Like all good businesses, lotteries have to try new ideas,” said Lottery Executive Director Ed Van Petten. “We incorporated concepts into this game that have been popular elsewhere around the world, but they just didn’t do as well in the United States. We will continue to discuss the future of this game and certainly believe in the concept of spreading the winnings around to more players.”

MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB debuted Oct. 19 in 23 states, but sales came in below industry projections, leading the Texas Lottery Commission to suspend sales of the game in that state following the Dec. 12 drawing. Lotteries participating in the game then made the decision today to end all sales in its current format later this month.

Tickets for the game will be sold until 8:59 p.m. on Friday, Dec. 26 for a drawing to be held at 10:15 p.m. that evening.

Lotteries also plan to continue to research the concepts behind the current game. “We’ve repeatedly heard from players who say they want to see more people have a share of the winnings rather than just one gigantic top prize,” Van Petten said. “That was the inspiration for the current game, but players didn’t respond to it as well as we’d hoped. We’ll continue to review this concept, much like other ideas are evaluated and evolve over time.”

Players can visit for additional details about the MONOPOLY MILLIONAIRES’ CLUB lottery game.