Winner Photos

Jim Johnson of Duluth, pictured with Diesel, won $100,000 playing $100,000 Crossword Doubler scratch game.

Richard Odden of Staples won $31,000 playing Northstar Cash.

Matthew Hollermann of Elgin won $100,000 playing Big Money scratch game.

Deborah Schweigert of Shelly won $50,000 playing Big Money scratch game.

Bernie Dehn of Bovey won $50,000 playing $50,000 Riches scratch game.

Dan McClellan of St. Francis won $213,625 playing Progressive-Print-N-Play ($5 Bingo).

Joyce Hubbart of Glencoe won $50,000 playing Powerball.

Brianna Vasquez of South St. Paul won $38,514 playing Progressive Print-N-Play $1 Crossword.

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