Retailer Bonus

Your business can win up to $50,000 for selling a winning jackpot ticket. The Games and Winning Prize chart below outlines how much your business can win if you sell one of the winning tickets shown.

Increase your store’s chances to win!

Just imagine – now every jackpot game ticket sold at your store is an entry into this exclusive retailer lottery. If the player buys the winning jackpot ticket at your store, your business wins a cash bonus for selling the winning ticket, and there are bonuses for selling winning tickets for set prizes too (see chart to right): Like any lottery, the more entries your store has the more chances you have to win the bonus. Here’s how to make sure your store’s name stays in the hat:

  • Ask every scratch games player if they’d like to try one of the jackpot Lotto Games – Powerball, Mega Millions, Hot Lotto, Gopher 5 or Northstar Cash – especially if one or more of the jackpots is rising.
  • Make sure that customers have clear and unobstructed views of lottery signage and POP. Be sure to update jackpots signs, too. Each lottery reminder helps trigger the impulse for your customers to make a purchase.

Need more ideas? Your Lottery sales rep can show you additional ways to use the winner bonus to grow your lottery sales.

Retailers must be active at time of award and not owe any balance to the Lottery. Jackpot bonus awards will be split among retailers if there is more than one winning ticket. The Lottery reserves the right to cancel or modify this program. Winner Cash bonus is paid upon redemption by player of winning ticket.

Games and Winning Prizes

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