Contest Winners

The following Facebook Fans were winners in our ugly holiday sweater contest. Watch for them, you might be lucky enough to spot one of these awesome sweaters around town!

Ugly sweater contest

Megan Krause of Pine Island
Mary Tate of Marshall
April Brownof Crookston
Dustin Hoffman of Faribault
Michelle Rautiolaof Cook
Brent Lieser of Plymouth
Melissa Bucholz of Worthington
Ryan Siems of Fergus Falls
Amber Doig of New Praque
Erin Cable of Burnsville
Dawn Kanarski of Maple Grove
Rachel Melzer of Madelia
Casey Wong of Stillwater
Michael Brouillette of Richfield
Alyssa Kiefer of Andover
Geri Anton of Cambridge
Sue Brehmer of Rice
Joe Brown of Mountain Iron
Amanda Oleson of Minneapolis
Kristy Ruter of Madelia

Our followers enter our "I'm Thankful For . . ."  contest, not to win a prize for themselves, but to give a little something back to a special friend. Winners received Visa gift cards, scratch ticket packs, Caribou gift cards or U of M Gopher scarfs. Their real prize was learning how much their friendship meant to someone in their lives.


Nominated by:

I'm thankful for my friend because:

Kristopher Ouellette Stacy Rathai Great heart, wonderful person!!! Kris has had many ups and downs in life. Always volunteering his time and and helping with anything he can. Recently, Kris has been trying to save for a handicap accessible vehicle. Even while doing this, he took money of his own to get a child a pair of shoes that needed some for preschool. I am thankful for Kristopher and being so selfless!! 
Rachael Felske Beth Bjorklund She is my sister and best friend.  I can tell her anything and everything.   She is such a giving person willing to sacrifice it all for those she loves.  She is an army national Guard veteran toured in Iraq.  We had babies the same day and she was so supportive even though she was 200 miles away.  I'm most thankful for her, my sister.
Nathan Lucero Lynsey Klingelhutz Nathan deserves this 25 dollar gift, because he is the most wonderful and caring fiancé. He always makes sure that everyone else is taken care of. He does homework with my little brother, cooks wonderful dinners for my family, buys his family round trip plane tickets to fly from Colorado to Minnesota just so they can come visit us.
April Davis Rachel Fuller My friend April is amazing. We just lost a baby due to ectopic pregnancy after trying for 2 years & having a miscarriage in 2013. April stepped up & got people to make meals for my family while I was in recovery from surgery. She also watched my little boy while we had sensitive appointments. She has been there for me through it all & made this whole process so much easier. 
Tarissa Host Tristin Host I am thankful that my daughter is my best friend. She is going to the school at the U of M to become a doctor and is taking care of her own expenses. She deserves to win this treat as she is always thinking of others and volunteers at the children's hospital on top of her busy schedule. I would love if if she won this gift card to show how much her hard work and determintation is appreciated.
Valerie Stanfield Susan Watercott Valerie came into my life when we both needed one another she has been my rock and stable place and I'm so thankful to have found my true one and only best friend. Having just lost her father a little bit of extra holiday cheer would be an amazing treat for the women who loves her family. Thank you for this opportunity to maybe give her this! 
Hannah McVay Abby Rizzo I am thankful for Hannah because she is always willing to help me out, no questions asked, especially when I'm in a bind. She has dropped everything to take care of my kids in emergencies, and help me with projects. She is always so thoughtful and goes out of her way for people. She is truly special to me and I consider myself lucky to have her in my life!  : )
Jennifer Gray Alexandra Gray My best friend is my mom. I am thankful for absolutely everything she does for me and making me feel like I am at home in Mantorville, MN even though I am up here at school at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities. My mom doesn't have much for U of M gear, and I know she would love this scarf and I would love for her to represent my school. I love my mom.
Michelle Hall Steve Hall  My wife is my best friend and I'm thankful that she has put up with me for the last 10 years. I know it's been hard for her.  
Erin Burton Lura Kiel My sister in law is a completely kind and selfless person.  Always thinking of others before herself.  I admire her passion to pursue her degree while being a devoted Mom of 2; who always sacrifices to give to others - whatever it may be. 
Lyndsay Busby Heidi Dube After struggling with pregnancy loss and not knowing if my husband and I would ever become parents, Lyndsay offered to carry a baby for us as a gestational carrier.  Our perfect Maizy is almost 3 now, and she loves her buddy Lyndsay so much:)
Jacquelyn Paaso Jodi Paaso Helmer My mom is who I am thankful for. In February of 2014 I was in a bad car accident and suffered a severe spinal injury. My mom has been there to drive me from Duluth to Minneapolis for continual Doctor appoints and surgeries. Never once has she complained. Never once has she said "no". She has gone beyond the job of mother and grandmother. I can never repay her for what she has done. Thank you mom. 
Amanda Nelson  Kristi Testa I am thankful for my friend as she is such a kind and generous person. I transferred my son from Stillwater schools to White Bear because he was being bullied both physically and mentally. I still live in Stillwater, she is helping me not worry about him after school since she picks him up for me and he hangs out with her after school until I'm off work. She's an amazing friend and mother. 
Derek Kurtz Blake Hockey Whether it's planning a trip across the United States, or meeting up to go on a casino run, Derek is my go-to guy. Although we go to college on opposite sides of Minnesota,  we still keep our high school friendship alive, finding time to take road trips, watch football, or play cards. Through breakups and deaths, we have always been there for each other. That's why Derek is a great friend. 
Guy Budinger Casey Duevel I am thankful that my husband is my best friend.  He makes me laugh, is a great dad, and pushes me to think about the world and myself differently.  I am also VERY thankful that he's a wonderful cook.  He's also a big nerd and I'm so thankful that he is, so that I don't have to suppress my nerdiness.
Tara Niebeling David Jungers I'm thankful for Tara because she's always looking out for me. She cheers me up, listens when I need someone to talk to and she is incredibly kind to me and everyone she meets. 
Liz Ankeny  Ben Ankeny My wife of thirteen years, my boys whom are getting too old too fast, my job of which I have been employed at for just over a year and the ability to grow a beard!
Alicia Olson Melissa Crow I'm thankful for my friend Ali Olson who came to my house this evening when I called her crying when our dog died suddenly. She came right away. She hugged me when I cried. She assured me that everything will be ok. She comforted me and my family. She left her husband at home with the two babies, so she could be there for me. I am thankful💟
Julie Landmark  Lisa Slaughter She was a foster mom for many years. Now she loves to help her niece's daycare in many ways.   She loves to host friends and family and support them in whatever way possible. 
Nancy Brown Cindy Gardner I'm thankful for Nancy everyday. She has always been there for me and everyone else. She just lost her mom on Oct. 24th. While dealing w/ all the legal hassles, she is still decorating the outside of her house so passersby can stop & see lights. She gives everyone that walks through a candy cane & kids get a little toy. It is time people realize what she has done & is going through and treat her! 
Lucas Dehaven Jana Dehaven Luke is the most kind hearted person i know. He is always there to make you smile, help of you need it, and would give the shirt off his back.  
Nicole Koppelman Colleen Fox My best friend Nicole has a heart of gold and helps anyone who's ever needed help.  She's a hard worker and I am proud to call her my friend. I'm thankful for the great outstanding person she is.

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