Weekly Winners

Weekly Winners:

September 20 - September 26 ($600 and up)

NAME                    CITY                                 AMOUNT   GAME
Christopher Z. Mondovi, WI $25,000 $50,000 Gold Rush
Dennis P. Pine River $20,000 $200,000 Payday
Gloria L. St. Peter $10,000 $13 Million Cash Explosion II
Manuel J. Minneapolis $8,888 Lucky 8's
Rashell F. Cold Spring $5,000 Big Money
Dennis C. Glencoe $5,000 Big Money
Michele M. Lake Elmo $5,000 Big Money
Jessica L. Minneapolis $5,000 Big Money
Salveria D. Minnetonka $5,000 Big Money
Jose G. Plainview $5,000 Big Money
Nathan C. Alexandria $5,000 Lucky For Life
Steven C. Anoka $5,000 Lucky For Life
Carlos V. Cold Spring $5,000 Lucky For Life
Edward W. South St. Paul $3,000 Hot Lotto
Mya S. St. Paul $2,500 Daily Three
Nay S. St. Paul $2,500 Daily Three
Nay S. St. Paul $2,500 Daily Three
Nay S. St. Paul $2,500 Daily Three
Nay S. St. Paul $2,500 Daily Three
William N. Minneapolis $2,222 2 Cool
Ronald K. Grasston $1,500 Wild Bingo
David V. Fisher $1,000 $13 Million Cash Explosion II
Jeremy M. Fort Wayne, IN $1,000 $13 Million Cash Explosion II
Nahum B. Lewiston $1,000 $150,000 Gold Rush
Ross G. Cambridge $1,000 $50,000 Gold Rush
Donna J. Minneapolis $1,000 $50,000 Gold Rush
Janelle P. Ponemah $1,000 $50,000 Gold Rush
Marilyn S. Austin $1,000 All Or Nothing
Michael S. Brooklyn Park $1,000 All Or Nothing
James C. Burnsville $1,000 All Or Nothing
Charles B. Indian Harbour Beach, FL $1,000 All Or Nothing
Sriramakrishna M. Lakeville $1,000 All Or Nothing
Michael H. Little Canada $1,000 All Or Nothing
Amine S. Minneapolis $1,000 All Or Nothing
Lisa M. Wadena $1,000 All Or Nothing
Jordan F. Albert Lea $1,000 Big Money
Corey L. Bloomington $1,000 Big Money
Roger B. Brainerd $1,000 Big Money
Leann T. Carlton $1,000 Big Money
Dennis C. Glencoe $1,000 Big Money
Nahum B. Lewston $1,000 Big Money
Terrance B. Minneapolis $1,000 Big Money
Shawn M. Palmer, AK $1,000 Big Money
Paul E. Plymouth $1,000 Big Money
Nathan N. Rochester $1,000 Big Money
Pamela L. Woodridge, MB $1,000 Goat Load Of Cash
Gina P. Center City $1,000 Kitty Cash
Curtis P. Minneapolis $1,000 Minnesota Vikings
Phyllis H. New Prague $1,000 Minnesota Vikings
Andrew A. Cambridge $1,000 Wild Bingo
Roger V. Farmington $800 $500,000 Jackpot
Roger K. Minneapolis $660 Daily Three