Raffle Winners

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Carlos Vega Vega won $1,000,000! James Matilla won $1,000,000!
Diane Richardson won $4,000 in Free Gas Kevin Dunderi won $100,000
John Wells won $25,000 Marsha Larson won a $4,000 Electronics Package
Lanette Thorson won $100,000 Edgar Deyonge won $25,000
Steven Grapevine won a Luxury Vacation Steven Loken won a travel package
Brendan Mulvaney won a Luxury Vacation  

2014 Minnesota Millionaire Raffle Winners

Brendon Mulvaney of Andover won a luxury vacation package in this year's Raffle—bringing his grand total vacation wins to TWO. Mulvaney's first win came four years ago in the Playcation Cash second-chance contest. "It was perfect timing for us because we were able to pay for our honeymoon to Mexico," he said. This time around, the couple plans to go somewhere "even better!"

When Samantha Labossiere of Shafer came across her Minnesota Millionaire Raffle ticket, she said, "I thought it was an old ticket, so I threw it away." Labossiere's husband pulled the ticket out of the garbage and asked her if she was sure that it was an expired ticket. When she checked it, she discovered she won a $5,000 travel package!

Marsha Larson of Blaine had a classic case of beginners luck. This first time Raffle player won $4,000 in electronics in the bonus drawing. Marsha said she is looking forward to buying a new laptop!

When Sandra Ernst of Becker got home from work on Jan. 2, she got her Raffle ticket and said to her husband Russ, "'Why don't we see if we won?' I went online and said, 'That looks like my number.' Russ looked over my shoulder and said, 'That is your number!'" Ernst won a $4,000 electronics prize.

Congratulations to Jeff Oxford of Cottage Grove on winning $4,000 in electronics. Oxford said he's looking forward to buying some new kitchen appliances and a new stereo for his truck. "I didn't know anyone who's won on Raffle before so that's pretty cool that the first person is me!" Oxford said as he claimed his prize on Jan. 2.

Newlyweds Scott and Kathy Lenzmeier are looking forward to going on another honeymoon after one of their Raffle tickets won them a Luxury Vacation package. "We're going to take two small vacations and then go on one big vacation," Kathy said as they claimed their prize on Jan. 2.

Michelle Patet of South St. Paul says she normally doesn't check her Raffle tickets for three months. This year, however, she checked her tickets on Jan. 2. "I thought, 'I'm going across the street to get an orange juice so I'm going to check my tickets.'"  Patet got a message she hadn't seen before. The store clerk told her she won more than $599, so Patet went to the Lottery's website and learned she won a $4,000 shopping spree! 

St. Cloud resident James Lorentz checked his Raffle tickets early on Jan. 2. The last one he checked won a $4,000 shopping spree. "This is going to be awesome," said the St. Cloud Tech student. "It's going to pay for my textbooks."

Michael DeFlorin of Maplewood won a $5,000 Travel Package. "I've played every year and I finally won!," he exclaimed. "I was very excited."

Raffle Winners

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