Requests for Proposals

RFP – Advertising Services

FY21 First Amended RFP: Advertising Services [PDF]
FY21 Appendix A - Scope of Work [PDF]
NEW: First Amended Appendix A [PDF]
FY21 Appendix B - Required Forms [PDF]
FY21 Appendix C - Sample Contract [PDF]
FY21 Appendix D - Lottery Org Chart [PDF]
FY21 Appendix E - Segmentation Research Summary [PDF]
FY21 Appendix F - 2014 SCSU Gambling Survey [PDF]
NEWAppendix G - MSL Annual Reports [PDF]
NEW: Appendix H - Top 20 Retailers [PDF]
NEWMSL Answers for Ad Agency RFP [PDF]

The Lottery will respond to written questions on or before January 13. Written proposals remain due on January 29.

Ad RFP Schedule
Event Date
RFP Issued 12/07/20
Deadline for Written Questions 12/18/20
Answers to Questions 01/09/21
Written Proposals Due 01/29/21
Finalists Designated and Assignment Issued 02/8/21
Finalist Written Questions Due 02/12/21
Finalist Lottery Q&A Teleconference 02/16/21
Finalist Presentations Week of 03/01/21
Apparent Winning Proposal Designated On or before 03/05/21
Contract Executed On or before 03/12/21

RFP – Marketing Sponsorship (ongoing)

RFP - Marketing Sponsorship [PDF]

Requests for Bids

There are no Requests for Bids at this time.