“On April 12, 2022 something wonderful happened in this beautiful town of Ramsey,” said lottery state sales manager David Like. That “something wonderful” was Minnesota’s first Mega Millions jackpot win on a single ticket sold at Holiday Stationstores, located on the corner of St. Francis Blvd. and Nowthen Blvd. in Ramsey.

This was the first time the Mega Millions jackpot was won in Minnesota thanks to a lucky ticket purchased for the April 12 drawing. That ticket matched all six winning numbers to hit the $110 million annuity jackpot with a $66.9 million cash option.

The (multi-)million-dollar question is: who’s the winner? As of April 21, the jackpot has not yet been claimed but the winner has plenty of time—one year from the drawing date to be exact. However, the identity of the lucky ticket holder may never be known publicly. Minnesota passed a new anonymity law that went into effect last year making the name and city of lottery prize winners over $10,000 private data. Unless the winner opts in to publicity, we will not be seeing a photo of the winner with the over-sized ceremonial check.

However, a big ceremonial check was in order in the payment of $50,000 to Holiday Stationstores, 14350 Xkimo St. N.W., in Ramsey for selling the jackpot-winning ticket.

On April 21, lottery officials presented the staff with the $50,000 bonus check. The excitement that the jackpot win has created at the store has been, well, mega.

Store manager Kim said the store has been buzzing ever since the news broke. “I got a call at 5:20 in the morning from a news channel, saying, ‘Congratulations, I heard you sold the winning ticket.’ I had no clue! At first, I thought it was exciting and then I thought it might be a joke but as the calls kept coming in, I knew it was real. By 6 a.m., all the customers knew about it.”

And the customers have been talking about the win ever since. “We’re definitely selling more tickets,” added Kim. Everyone wants to be at the lucky store!”

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