Over two million people mark the end of summer with a day at the Minnesota State Fair, and many Fair goers look forward all year to eating their favorite Fair foods on a stick.

Corn dogs and Pronto Pups are near the top of many people’s lists. Some people love both, but fierce loyalties, falling decisively with Team Corn Dog or Team Pronto Pup, are rumored to be the norm.

For the uninitiated (or vegetarian or vegan), a corn dog is made with cornbread batter and a Pronto Pup is made with flour or pancake batter. Corn dogs are considered sweet; Pronto Pups are not. However, both include cornmeal that encloses a sausage or hot dog, so technically a Pronto Pup is a type of corn dog—but don’t tell that to someone on Team Pronto Pup.

Don't worry vegetarians and vegans can still get in on the great debate. A new food is making its debut this year: the ChoriPop. Chorizo, made by the Herbivorous Butcher, is dipped in a classic corn dog batter and deep fried. Top it off with a stick and your choice of avocado salsa or mole sauce. With the classic corn dog batter, this sounds like Team Corn Dog might have a leg up.

Minneapolis artist Adam Turman seems to be on Team Corn Dog, as his art for the our Winnesota Summer scratch game ticket depicts a corn dog with ribbons of ketchup and mustard. We are so grateful to have the opportunity to partner with Adam Turman to create and celebrate what is special and unique about summer in Minnesota.

Are you Team Corn Dog or Team Pronto Pup? Head over to our Instagram (@mnlottery) and vote for your favorite in our stories. We’ll have two new fair favorite matchups each day leading up to the Great Minnesota Get Together – one food and one experience. Cast your vote, and may the best of the Fair win!