Did you know that you can pick up your Lottery tickets at all kinds of different places, not just your neighborhood convenience store? Lottery tickets are sold in grocery stores, liquor stores, bait shops and lots more. Drkula’s Bowl in Inver Grove Heights is just one example of a unique and super fun lottery retailer. Drkula’s has something for everyone: bowling, meat raffles, great food and Lottery tickets! This place is all about bringing people in to have a good time.

Bowlers come in for league night, or friends stop by for dinner and they pick up some Lottery tickets to play together. Owner, Tim Drkula, told us that players at Drkula’s are big fans of Print-N-Play. They can choose between Crossword, Slots or Bingo and play for $1, $3 or $5. Print-N-Play is a great game for a group of friends to play together. When everyone at the table in the corner yells “Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner!”, you can bet they just hit a big one.

Tim also told us that selling Lottery has brought in a whole new group of customers. These new customers are Lottery players who drive sales in other areas of his business. Players come in to pick up their Lottery tickets and decide to have lunch or bowl a couple of games. It’s a win for everyone!

If you haven’t been to Drkula’s, you should check it out. Bring your friends, grab a beer, get some lottery tickets and bowl a game or two. Gutter ball buys the next round!