You may have heard about the new lottery winner anonymity law in Minnesota that took effect Sept. 1, 2021. We want to break down what the law means for Minnesota Lottery winners:

What’s changing?

The names and cities of lottery prize winners above $10,000 are automatically considered private data unless a winner chooses to opt in to publicity. “Private data” means that this information is known to the lottery but can’t be released to the public.

What information are lottery winners required to give in order to collect a prize?

Lottery prize winners of $600+ will still be required to submit a completed claim form with their name, city, address, date of birth and social security number to collect a prize. While all of this information is private data, it is necessary to ensure the prize winner meets the minimum age requirement (18+) and allows the lottery to work with the Minnesota Department of Revenue to determine if any money is owed to the State.

Of the information given to the Minnesota Lottery to claim a prize, what is considered public data?

For lottery prize winners above $10,000 cash, the prize amount, game name, and retailer name and city (where the winning ticket was purchased) is the only information that is considered public. For all winners $600+, only the prize amount and retailer information is posted on

Does the new anonymity law apply to all Minnesota Lottery prizes?

No. The names and cities of lottery prize winners of $10,000 or less are still public data.

Merchandise-only scratch or lotto game prizes of any value are also still public data. However, this information will be released only if requested and will no longer be posted on

The names of winners of 2nd chance prizes including a cash payment of $10,000 or less, and the names of winners of all merchandise prizes that do not include cash will also remain public data, which will be available on

I claimed a prize before this law went into effect, will my information still be public?

No. Your name and city will no longer be classified as public data and we've done our best to remove that info from our website. However, the lottery isn’t responsible for any media stories or public data that were created before the law changed.

What if I want my picture taken with a huge check?

Then we will have a big check waiting for you! We love to share winner stories and photos, so you will have the option to opt in to publicity by providing written consent after the Minnesota Lottery informs you of how we intend to use your information.

Why now?

Lawmakers passed a bill during the 2021 legislative session to protect the privacy and safety of winners of big lottery prizes.

I haven’t cashed in a winning ticket that I purchased before Sept. 1, 2021. Can I still remain anonymous?

Yes. A ticket’s purchase date doesn’t matter. The new law applies to any prizes claimed on or after Sept. 1, 2021.

How many other states allow lottery winners to remain anonymous?

Minnesota joins a growing number of states that allow lottery winners to remain anonymous. While anonymity laws vary by state, currently 11 states have laws ensuring some level of anonymity.

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