On April 15 the Minnesota Lottery announced that proceeds from ticket sales have surpassed $3 billion for critical state programs, including education, public safety, health and human services, and environmental protection.

Lottery Executive Director Adam Prock

The $3 billion milestone, announced two days shy of the Lottery’s 29th anniversary on April 17, was nearly 30 years in the making. The Lottery’s newly appointed Executive Director Adam Prock said, “Communities throughout Minnesota have benefited from projects made possible by $3 billion in lottery proceeds. The Minnesota Lottery, retailers, players and Minnesotans who enjoy the outdoors, all play a part in making Minnesota an even better place to live.”

Rep Ray Dehn who represents District 59B in Minneapolis, welcomed guests to his district during the media event held in the North Loop.

To celebrate Lottery contributions to Minnesota’s environment, representatives of the Legislative-Citizen Commission on Minnesota Resources—a committee made up of 17 members that make funding recommendations to the legislature from the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, which receives forty percent of lottery proceeds—joined the Lottery at a media event to discuss the impact of lottery dollars on Minnesota’s natural resources.

LCCMR citizen members (pictured left to right) Dr. Bill Faber, Norm Moody and Nancy Gibson joined LCCMR Director Becca Nash to discuss some of the projects that the LCCMR funds.

LCCMR Director Becca Nash said, “Since 1991, the ENRTF has provided $630 million in support to approximately 1,600 environmental projects collectively impacting every county in Minnesota. Lottery proceeds have been instrumental in providing a long-term, stable source of funding for environmental protection for future generations.”

Nancy Gibson, who serves as an LCCMR Co-Chair, said, “The voters of Minnesota overwhelmingly approved the Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund. It is the envy of other states. These critical funds have preserved habitat and statewide lakes, rivers and streams; enhanced state and regional parks; fought invasive species; and been a tool for innovative outdoor environmental education.” 

Chief of Staff Chris Schmitter, pictured right, presented Adam Prock with a proclamation on behalf of Gov. Walz.

Governor Walz proclaimed April 15 as “Minnesota Lottery Playing Our Part Day” to commemorate the Lottery’s $3 billion milestone.

The $3 billion announcement was part of an advertising campaign to educate Minnesotans about where the money goes. For more information visit: https://billiondollarcommercial.com/.