The third and final group of winners for the Earth Defenders social contest have been selected. Check out the latest round of Minnesotans who are saying I’MN to helping our environment in a big way!

Kristin Jaquith of Litchfield

Playing her Part: I recently became an Aquatic Invasive Species detector. I am a lake girl and the threat of Aquatic Invasive Species is real. I am doing my part to volunteer for Minnesota lakes and rivers. I am also an active member of our lake association (Lake Minniebelle Improvement Association) and I volunteer to do our road ditch clean-up in the spring and fall.

Rebecca Gomez of Mankato

Playing her Part: I volunteer with Conservation Corps of Minnesota and Iowa, which helps perform prescribed burns, native restoration of lands, bird banding, waterway and trail cleaning/maintenance and many other wonderful things. I am currently studying biology and environmental science at the University of Minnesota-Morris—one of the greenest and sustainable colleges in the United States—with hopes of working in government to apply more sustainable practices.

Mary Hilfiker of St. Paul

Playing her Part: I coordinate for Upper Landing Park and have planted 600 native flowers and grasses. We pick up loads of litter every week. We weed beds as we try not to use herbicides. I am an observer for the National Park Service for Monarch Butterflies. I am also on the Board for the Conservation Corps for Minnesota and Iowa.

Sara Zendner of New Prague

Playing her Part: I volunteer with the Raptor Center to help rehabilitate birds and release them back into their natural habitat. I am constantly picking up garbage and other materials I see when I am walking my dog. This is our Minnesota; we need to take care of it!

Alexandra Machtemes of St. Paul

Playing her Part: I have adopted two storm drains in our neighborhood through the city of St. Paul. I make sure the drains are clear of any debris such as trash, leaves and sticks. I play my part by collecting trash on our walks with our dog. I usually get one or two full bags of trash on every walk. I do this for the environment, the animals and so that the debris won’t go down our sewer drains.

Lynnea Linquist of Detroit Lakes

Playing her Part: I raise Monarch butterflies to help them not to become extinct. I have also planted flowers and milkweed for Monarch conservation. 

Congratulations, and thank you for playing your part to keep Minnesota beautiful!