At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s Eve, the ball will drop in Times Square and millions will celebrate the start of a year. That’s when things will really get exciting. Minnesota Lottery players will be part of the biggest New Year’s Eve party in the United States. Not only do 10 Minnesota players get the once-in-a-lifetime chance to usher in 2020 in New York’s Time Square at Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve Party, one of them may start the new year as Powerball’s first millionaire.

Winners get a four-day, three-night trip for two people to New York City. Each V.I.P. package includes roundtrip airfare, hotel accommodations, tickets to a theater performance, a holiday dinner cruise, a New Year’s Eve dinner party, gift bags, meals, $250 in spending money and required tax withholdings.

Minnesota’s 10 winners will join winners from other lotteries. One of the winners will be randomly drawn to win $1 million and be Powerball’s first millionaire of 2020.

Here’s what some of the winners had to say:

“I do like the odds,” said Mike Burth on his chance to win $1 million on New Year’s Eve! “It’s the best in town,” he added. Mike will be competing with 249 people from around the U.S. for the chance to ring in the new year with $1 million. Mike said he only entered three tickets into the 2nd chance drawing so he was surprised to be chosen as one of 10 finalists from Minnesota. Mike’s wife will be joining him on his once-in-a-lifetime trip to New York City and he said she couldn’t be more excited. “We will be able to cross this off her bucket list!”

“I’m looking forward to it—the party, the dinner cruise—it’s going to be an experience,” said Crystal Duke. The thing she is looking forward to most: (Hopefully) being the first Powerball millionaire of the year.

When it comes to thinking about the possibility of winning $1 million on New Year’s Eve, Sydney Buss says she tries not to think about it too much. “I don’t want to jinx myself,” she said. Sydney is looking forward to visiting the Big Apple during the New Year’s Rockin’ Eve celebration in Times Square. “I’ve never been to New York for New Year’s so it will be fun,” she said.

“I’m the guy. I’m telling you right now, I am the guy. I am going to win,” said Robert Fitzgerald. Clearly a believer in positive thinking, Fitzgerald is focused on that $1 million prize!

“It’s going to be a real adventure for us,” said Louann Sjogren who will be traveling with her ex-husband to New York City. Louann entered the Powerball ticket online for the Powerball New Year’s Rockin’ Eve promotion, but her ex-husband was the one who purchased the ticket in the first place. So if she wins, it will be a 50/50 split. “I can’t fathom having that kind of money,” she said. Adding, “We are both recently retired so it would be great timing for us.”

Huy Nguyen will be attending with his wife, but when his daughter heard about the entertainment line-up, she asked to go. Nguyen will have quite a whirl-wind end of the year. He will be cutting short a previously planned trip in order to get to New York in time.

When Scott Clarksean got the call that he was headed to New York City for the Powerball New Year Rockin’ Eve celebration, he was in disbelief. “I was somewhat skeptical,” recalled Scott. “I didn’t’ even realize this was the prize—I thought I was entering to win Vikings tickets.” This will be Scott’s first trip to New York. Thinking about the possibility of winning $1 million has been “very exciting” for Scott.

Bob McMenoman says it’s been his sister-in-law’s lifelong dream to see the ball drop on New Year’s Even in Times Square, so instead of taking the trip himself, his sister-in-law and brother will be going for him. “I am thrilled that they are getting this chance,” he said. “They love to travel, and this has been on her bucket list forever!” There’s no doubt Bob will be the first phone call they make if he’s chosen to be the big winner.

Cheer on your fellow Minnesota Lottery players on New Year’s Eve and remember to check our current contests, you could be one of our next winners.

Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve with Ryan Seacreast 2020 airs on ABC 8/7c.

How They Won:

From September 3 - 30, players who purchased a Powerball ticket received a voucher number on top of their ticket. Players received one entry for every dollar spent on the ticket, both winning and non-winning tickets were eligible for this contest. Voucher numbers were entered at by October 8. The drawing took place on October 10.