You can’t purchase tickets from the Minnesota Lottery online. Tickets are only sold in person at one of our 3,000 brick-and-mortar retailers across the state. However, lottery service businesses (LSBs) have been allowed to legally operate in Minnesota since 2005.

Lottery service businesses are defined in statute as “commercial enterprises that for a fee or commission purchase lottery tickets on behalf of customers or subscribers.” Though they are purchasing Minnesota Lottery tickets, LSBs are not affiliated with the Minnesota Lottery, and we have no regulatory authority over their operations.

Operating like a courier service, lottery service businesses generally allow customers to place orders on a mobile app or website. The tickets are then purchased in person from a brick-and-mortar lottery retailer and held for the customer. Due to the volume of tickets involved, some lottery service businesses work directly with specific retailers to fulfill their ticket purchases. This has led to those retailers having disproportionately large sales numbers, and by extension more big winners.

Even though we have no regulatory authority, we work with LSBs to communicate and encourage industry best practices regarding issues such as protection of personal information, verification of legal age and Minnesota residency, and the importance of encouraging responsible gambling habits.

Regardless of how they are purchased, all Minnesota Lottery games are subject to official rules. We are not responsible for lost or stolen tickets, we require an original ticket to claim a prize, and lottery tickets are owned by their physical possessor until signed. Players who use a lottery service business do so at their own risk.

If you have any questions about lottery service businesses, we encourage you to contact them directly. If you have any questions about the Minnesota Lottery, we’re here to help.

If you or someone you know needs help with a gambling problem, call (800) 333-HOPE (4673). Treatment is available free of charge for qualifying individuals throughout Minnesota.