Playing the lottery isn’t always about winning. It’s about having a good time. It’s about trying something new and adding a little excitement to your day. Excitement that could pay off with a couple of bucks or result in a life changing moment.

We want to celebrate the big, small—and everything in between moments that saying "I’MN" is all about. Whether you have lottery superstitions, traditions, or dreams, we want to hear from you. So we’re giving you one more reason to say I’MN—with a chance to win $25 in scratch tickets and a lottery T-shirt in a monthly drawing by entering the Share Your Lottery Story free contest.

How do you celebrate the small wins? Do you treat yourself to your favorite specialty coffee drink? Or do you pay it forward by buying a drink for the customer who is in line behind you? Do you try a new scratch game when you head up north for your annual summer vacation, or do you play your favorite scratch games with friends around the campfire?

What do you dream about doing if you were to the hit the “big one?” Do you already have your early retirement plan laid out just in case? Have you been getting your co-workers together for the office lottery pool? Or heck, do you have any tips on how to coordinate a successful virtual office lottery pool these days?

And since lottery dollars go back to Minnesota’s environment, you could also tell us about your favorite way to play in the great outdoors.

Tell us your lottery story, and share a photo, for the chance to win. It’s as simple as that. Head on over to the Share Your Lottery Story free contest page to enter.

And remember, good things happen when you say I’MN and we can’t wait to share your stories as proof.