With over 3,000 lottery retailers in Minnesota, it’s easy to grab your tickets when you gas up at your neighborhood convenience store or at the customer service counter when you’re picking up groceries, but there are lots of other places to play, too!

You can find lottery when you’re out for a game of bingo, shootin’ pool with your pals or at the bowling alley. You can even find lottery at many bait shops and breweries. Some are traditional lottery retailers, while others have self-serve lottery vending machines.

You can find lottery vending machines at Walmart stores, the Mall of America and even in downtown skyways. You’ll also see them at Canterbury Park and in many grocery stores and laundromats. Did you know that the busiest lottery vending machines in the state are at the Minneapolis St. Paul International Airport? Travelers just might leave Minnesota with the very best souvenir.

Have you purchased lottery from a vending machine? Give it a go! You can purchase any lotto game and all the latest scratch tickets. Just follow the instructions posted on the vending machine for your chance to win.

With so many different places to play, you can always find a retail location near you. Pick up lottery tickets when you’re out for the day ‘cause every day is a good day to win!