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How To Play

Mark all the numbers on your bingo card(s) that match any of the call numbers. Cherries are free spaces. 

Note: If there are multiple winning patterns, only the top prize is awarded.

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Prizes and Odds

Combinations To Win: Approx. Odds*
Cover All Numbers 100% of Progressive Jackpot 1 in 240,000.00
Match Outer Frame $500 1 in 12,000.00
Match "Z" Pattern $100 1 in 4,800.00
Match "L" Pattern $75 1 in 2,400.00
Match "X" Pattern $50 1 in 480.00
Match 4 Corners $10 1 in 28.00
Match 5 in Any Row, Column, or Diagonal $5 1 in 6.00

*Prize paid only for highest winning combination. 
Approximate odds of winning a prize on $5 ticket are 1 in 2.90.

Game Rules [PDF]