A quarter of the Minnesota Millionaire Raffle tickets have already sold. Did you get yours yet? #MNMillionaireRaffle

The Minnesota Millionaire Raffle is Back

Where can I buy tickets?

New Year, New Raffle Winners!

2019 started with a BANG for the thousands of Minnesota Millionaire Raffle winners who won prizes on January 1, 2019! 

Get your Raffle 2020 Minnesota Millionaire Raffle tickets starting on Tuesday, October 22 for the chance to start your new year off right.

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How To Play

Want to grab one of those Raffle cash prizes? 

Just buy a Minnesota Millionaire Raffle ticket (or 20) anywhere you can buy lottery tickets starting on October 22, 2019 and you're IN! 

Check back here to see if you're a winner on January 1, 2020!

Get in on the fun #OnlyInMinnesota

TOP PRIZE: $1,000,000

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Prizes and Odds

To Win: Odds*: Number of Prizes**:
$1,000,000 1 in 350,000 2
$100,000 1 in 140,000 5
$25,000 1 in 140,000 5
$10,000 1 in 70,000 10
$500 1 in 7,000 100
$100 1 in 166.67 4,200
$50 1 in 87.50 8,000

*The overall ticket odds of winning are 1 in 56.81.
**Odds of winning are based on the sale of all 700,000 Minnesota Millionaire raffle tickets. Actual odds will be determined by the actual number of tickets sold.

Game Rules [PDF]