Buckbuckmoose 2Ndchance Main

Buck, Buck, Moose

If you didn’t win the first time around, enter your non-winning Buck, Buck, Moose scratch tickets and give it another shot.

731 Chocolate Crossword 2Ndchance Main

Chocolate Crossword

Didn't win on this delicious game? Enter now for your 2nd chance at $1000 and CHOCOLATE!

728 Day Of The Dead 2Ndchance Main

Day of the Dead

Make the most of every moment and enter your non-winning Day of the Dead tickets for a second chance to win!

737 Flannel Fever 2Ndchance Main

Flannel Fever

If you didn't win the first time, enter for your 2nd chance to wrap up a win!

729 Grumpy Cat 2Ndchance

Grumpy Cat®

Don't be grumpy! Enter your non-winning Grumpy Cat ticket for the chance to win $100 and a Grumpy Cat prize pack!

Imntowin 2Ndchance Main

I’MN to Win!

Say I'MN and enter your non-winning tickets for the chance to score a Minnesota summer adventure.

Luck 2Ndchance Main


May luck find you a second time around. Enter your non-winning Luck scratch tickets for your chance to win some sweet prizes. Lucky you!

Vikings 2Ndchance Main

Minnesota Vikings and Skol

We want to see your victory dance! Enter your non-winning Minnesota Vikings and SKOL scratch tickets and you could score some sweet Vikings prizes.

Naughty Nice 2Ndchance Main

Naughty or Nice

Even the naughty deserve something nice. Enter your non-winning tixs for a chance to win a holiday surprise! #yuleloveit

Wheeloffortune 2Ndchance Main

Wheel of Fortune®

Take your non-winning Wheel of Fortune® scratch tickets out for another spin. 

We won't even make you buy a vowel.