What brings Minnesotans good luck? With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, that’s what we wanted to find out. Oh boy, did you guys deliver. Here are just 17 of our favorite responses that we received from our Share Your Lottery Story free contest:

"Our good luck charm is our dog! We always count on our WIENER dog to scratch off the WINNERS!"  - Paula, Eden Prairie

"I always grab a sack of White Castle burgers to go with my scratch offs, I don’t really know why but they go great together." - Darin, Shoreview

"I keep 2 dollars from my biggest win in my wallet in a safe place and never spend them! They are my good luck bucks!" - Melissa, Blaine

"My lucky charm is my mother. We always play together. It is a tradition of ours. When we play separately, we never win but if we are playing together, we almost always do better." - Alexia, St. Cloud

"Lucky Leo the Leprechaun" always keeps watch over my Minnesota Lottery tickets all year long. It's tradition to touch the top of his hat for “GOOD LOTTERY LUCK.” It is amazing how many times he works his winning charms for me!" - Susan, Minneapolis

"I always hear people say that if you put out positive energy, good things will come in return. I do my best to stay very positive and believe that I WILL win big one day, just waiting for it to happen!" - Christina, Faribault

"I had my red rabbit's foot with me for many years whenever I play the Minnesota Lottery." - Larry, Hopkins

"I have a tradition on the way to swim several minutes in the ice hole in the frozen lake- I would stop to buy lottery tickets at a gas station. So it is my "chill, have a good time, hope for the win-have fun" winter tradition." – Viktoria, New Brighton

"I always use my lucky wheat penny when I scratch my tickets. I found it the same day I found out I was pregnant with my daughter." - Briana, Zimmerman

"My best friend is my lucky charm." - Ekkachai, St. Paul

"I love using my LuckyMN scratcher! It works way better on lottery tickets than my windshield. True fact." - Diana, Minneapolis

"My lucky shiny quarter! I bought a $5 scratch off this morning and scratched it with my shiny quarter. I had a $100 winner! Yay!" -  Kevin, Caledonia

"My lucky charm is a Jade crystal that I carry around every day in my jacket pocket. It’s brought me some pretty good luck!" - Nate, Eagan

"My lucky charm is a Keychain I got in Ireland. Every time I scratch off a lottery ticket it’s a winner— granted it hasn't been for a big prize yet but I'm still hoping." - Michelle, Ogilvie

"I ask the clerk to see which games have their number end in my lucky number 3. If any games meet my criteria, I play that game. When I get home, I put on my lucky cow slippers and scratch away." - Dawn, Winsted

"My lucky charm is an older whistle my father gave me in 2001! He had this whistle on his keychain when I was a child. He would blow it when we were walking in a huge crowd at a Twins game, Minnesota State Fair and other crowded places and make everyone stop and look around (never knowing it was him!). It always made us laugh! It’s always with me and someday I hope it will give me the luck I need to win big!" - Lily, Bloomington

"My lucky charm is my wife Kelly of 23 years. She is my lucky charm because we always go to the Duluth two harbors area to hike and enjoy the great outdoors than Minnesota has to offer, and she puts a smile on my face!" - Jason, Springfield

A big thanks to everyone who entered our Share Your Lottery Story free contest in February. In case you missed out on the fun last month, don’t worry — you’ve got plenty to enter the March drawing. Hop on over to the Share Your Lottery Story free contest page and share your favorite lottery story and photo for your chance to win $25 in scratch tickets plus a lottery T-shirt.