The Lottery was proud to sponsor the Drive-Thru Ice and Snow Sculpture Park at the Saint Paul Winter Carnival. This year, attendees were able to drive through a winter wonderland at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds featuring snow and ice masterpieces sculpted by local artisans including a unique sculpture created specifically for the Lottery. There were hot air balloons, swag bags, treats and visits with the Vulcans, the Royal Family and the Klondike Kates.

As the story goes, in 1885 a New York newspaper writer visited Minnesota, only to return home and write about the state as “another Siberia, unfit for human habitation”. A group of St. Paul business leaders hatched a plan to prove him wrong, and the Winter Carnival was born. And so, for ten glorious days, we celebrate the great north. We feast, we play baseball on skates and we toss people into the sky on hand-held trampolines. There have been parades, bobsledding and ice castles built to honor King Boreas.

While out celebrating the Winter Carnival, Minnesotan's shared what the True North means to them. Check out some of our favorites from the True North photo contest!