Ticket Tuesday falls on the first Tuesday of every month.

Four new scratch games go on sale at your lottery retailer and one, or more, of those new games might have a 2nd Chance for you to enter for another chance to win.

On Ticket Tuesday, we take the Lottery Scratch Utility Vehicle out in our neighborhood and set up shop at a great retail location. Come on out and join us! Just stop by over the lunch hour and we’ll give you a free scratch ticket so you can be one of the first players to try out a new game.

We’ll let you know where we’ll be on our social channels. Follow the lottery on Twitter and Instagram to find out where we’re headed.

There are always lots of opportunities for you join us at events around the state. We are at Timberwolves and Gopher games, Beer Dabbler and food truck events, and tons more. Just check the Events page to find out where we’ll be next. We love to give prizes away to people who stop by to visit.

Come on out and play with us!