Ice fishing is a sport that is near-and-dear to many Minnesotans’ hearts. Some people think that drilling holes in ice and trying to catch fish is odd. Don’t worry about those people, they probably played Duck, Duck, Goose when they were little.

When you get out and play Minnesota Lottery games, you are helping Minnesota’s environment. Through the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund, lottery dollars are helping protect your favorite fishing spot by keeping water quality high and fighting invasive species.

Ice fishing tips:

  1. Be willing to move
    • Don’t accept not catching fish. Get going to that next (lucky) spot.
  2. Choose a great spot
    • Stay away from other anglers. Move a quarter mile away to a similar type of habitat and you’re likely to be far more successful.
  3. Keep it clean
    • Remember that things left on the ice in the winter end up in the water in the spring. Help keep the water clean.
  4. Get the lead out
    • Protect Minnesota’s loons, eagles, swans and other wildlife by making the switch to lead-free tackle. It is estimated that lead poisoning is responsible for the death of 25 percent of Minnesota’s loon population. For more information, visit the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency website.
  5. Safety first
    • Ice is never 100 percent safe. Learn more about ice safety from the DNR.
  • Bonus tip: Bring snacks. Trust us.

Winter in Minnesota means it’s time to bundle up and get out and play.