We are so excited to work with local graphic designer Meghan Albers to create the Go Fish scratch game.

Meghan loved art while growing up in the Twin Cities, especially drawing and painting. After high school she wasn’t sure what career path she wanted to pursue and after several false starts, she decided to enroll in the graphic design program at the University of Minnesota. “It ended up being one of the best decisions I ever made!” said Meghan. After graduation, Meghan’s passion turned into her career.

We discovered Meghan through a website called Dribbble, which is a social network that designers and illustrators use to promote their work. We noticed that Meghan was from Minnesota, and we were immediately drawn to her style. “I already had a couple of fish illustrations in my portfolio, so that may have “lured” them in,” she said.

Meghan loves making art inspired by Minnesota. Even before this project, one of her favorite things to draw was fish! “It was so cool to get the chance to draw fishing lures because I’ve always thought they’re so visually interesting,” she said. “The retro vibe and colors were so fun to work with.”

Meghan started the artistic process for the Go Fish ticket by creating one fishing lure in a couple different illustration styles. “One style was simple and the other one had a vintage-feel with more details and shading, which ended up being the lottery’s favorite. I created the Go Fish logo in a similar way. I hand-lettered three different logo concepts and the lottery chose their favorite. From there, I made some small adjustments until they were 100 percent happy with it!”

And 100 percent happy with it, we were! The Go Fish scratch tickets are now available at over 3,000 Minnesota Lottery retailers statewide. Meghan said that she’ll definitely purchase some tickets, “And I’m going to tell everyone I know too!”

“It will be surreal to see my artwork out in public,” she said. “I’ve never done a project of this scale, so I’m beyond excited. As a graphic designer you make a lot of work that doesn’t necessarily reach an audience so when something makes it out into the world it’s so rewarding! In many ways, this was a dream project for me and I’m so thankful for the opportunity!”

Find more of Meghan’s artwork on her Instagram @meghan.n.albers or on her website meghanalbersdesign.com.

Thank you, Meghan for designing a one-of-a-kind ticket!