We’ve got you! Holiday scratch tickets make great gifts. They fit any budget and there are millions of dollars in cash prizes up for grabs! Give one, or a whole bunch. They are always the right size, always the right color. There’s no worry about shipping delays and they are super easy to wrap.

Don’t know what to get the people that haul away your trash, your day care provider or the cousin you only see once a year? Get them holiday scratch tickets.

Forgot to pick up a gift for your friends exchange game? Pick up holiday tickets at a lottery retailer on your way to the party, toss ’em in a gift envelope and boom – done!

Will your friends scratch off a big win? If not, each holiday game has a 2nd chance to win cash and wintery prize packs including Minnesota puzzles, snuggly blankets and more. Keep the fun going and show your friends how to sign up and enter for their 2nd chance to win.

While you’re picking up tickets for everyone on your list, don’t forget to gift yourself.

Just remember – Let the adults have all the fun; lottery tickets aren’t for kids. Lottery players must be 18+.