Do you ever struggle over what to get the hard-to-buy-for adults on your holiday shopping list? We’ve all been there. But we’re here to fill you in on a little stress-free solution: Minnesota Lottery scratch tickets are the perfect gift. Scratch tickets are easy to give and you could totally be a gift giving legend if your special someone unwrapped a big win!

In case you need more proof, we’ve wrapped up 12 stories from our Share Your Lottery Story free contest to prove that scratch tickets are truly the perfect gift to shake things up this holiday season:

"My family has been giving scratch games as stocking stuffers for as long as I can remember. One year my mom gave my dad a fake ticket and he scratched it, thinking he'd won $1,000. After we revealed the joke, he scratched his real scratch tickets and won $1,000 anyway! I’ll never forget the laughs and irony of that day. I'MN!" - Stephanie, West St. Paul

"Every year for my husband's birthday, which is on Christmas Day, I buy him scratch tickets for exactly how old he is turning. It gets more expensive every year, but he sure has fun spending Christmas Day scratching his lottery tickets! This year I'll be buying $44 in tickets, and I've done this every year for the past 20 years now! We both have a blast adding up the total to see how much he's won after he's scratched them all!" - April, Zimmerman

"I surprised my [adult] kids with scratch tickets for Christmas. My son let my daughter pick which envelope she wanted first. He ended up scratching a $10,000 winner from his envelope. She was sure disappointed she picked the wrong envelope!" - Traci, Caledonia

"Our family loves to give scratch tickets as Christmas presents. We also play the dice game with scratch tickets at Christmas, and everyone goes crazy trying to get the scratch offs as prizes!" - Kelly, St. Cloud

"Everyone in my house wakes up to 10 scratch tickets in their stocking Christmas morning! We scratch off and cash-in winners for more tickets until we run out of winners. Sometimes we are able to play until spring! Always fun!" - Rose, Sartell

"I've been playing the lottery for a while, but rarely do I win anything. That is until my girlfriend bought me scratch tickets as a stocking stuffer this past Christmas. I won $100 on a $10 scratch off! Now I'm convinced that luck comes when someone gifts you a chance at winning and boy am I lucky!" - John, St. Paul

"I bought each of my family members Gopher 5 tickets for Christmas and my sister won $500!" - Maureen, Eagan

"Every year at Christmas time I’m always in such a rush that I end up forgetting someone I needed to buy for. Thank goodness for the MN Lottery! The lottery is my backup for my forgotten gifts!" - Lacey, Pine River

"Every Christmas, our family’s tradition is to play the dice game. You know, the one where you roll two dice, take a wrapped gift from the pile of treasures. Once the prizes are gone everyone opens them, shows them off, then we play again and play a steal round, then what you have left at the end is yours. A battle over MN Lottery scratch-offs ALWAYS ensues. This year, my sister ended up being a VERY lucky winner of $500! The best part is that when she gifted our grandfather scratchers for his birthday years ago, he won $500. From birthdays to Christmas and many holidays between, MN Lottery tickets are always a part of the celebration!" - Jennifer, Princeton

"My parents sent me a lovely Christmas card in the mail at the end of 2020. I scratched off the little lottery ticket they included and to my delight, I won $1. I used that dollar to buy a 3 Musketeers, my favorite candy bar. This is the kind of little extra something special that makes me think of the lottery!" - Rebecca, Minneapolis

"The small family-owned business that my husband works for has a Christmas party each year. We always play fun party games and the winners (and often the best losers) win prizes/gifts. The prizes always include a variety of scratch offs. This past year I won $70 on various scratch offs! The scratch offs always make the Christmas party more exciting. I’MN!" - Kaitlyn, Marshall

"My girlfriend at the time and I spent Christmas with my dad a few years back. On our way home we bought some lottery tickets. She scratched a $100 winner! So we stopped at the next gas station to get more and we won another $100! We kept stopping at every station on the way home and we kept winning! We stopped at the local gas station right before we got home, and I scratched a $500 winner! We ended at home with $1,000 in winnings. I bought my girlfriend a ring, she's now my wife and we have 3 kids! It all started with a scratch off!" - Bobby, Annandale

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Don’t forget to visit a lottery retailer near you to pick out the perfect gift this season. Happy easy-breezy holiday shopping! We hope your loved ones have an especially fun (and lucky!) holiday season.

Giving a lottery ticket as a gift is a great way to spread cheer at any time of the year, but only to adults. According to the National Council on Problem Gambling, early gambling experiences, including with lottery tickets, are a risk factor for later gambling problems. #GiftResponsibly