Did you know that you can pick up your Lottery tickets at all kinds of different places, not just your neighborhood convenience store? Lottery tickets are sold in grocery stores, liquor stores, bait shops and lots more.

Mel’s Sport Shop in Spicer, MN, is the largest outdoor sporting goods store in the area. They sell everything you might need to get out and enjoy the day on the lake, including Lottery tickets!

Located across the road from beautiful Green Lake, Mel’s has been a staple in the area for more than 62 years and Mel’s has been selling Lottery tickets since the first days of Lottery sales in Minnesota.

Greg Melges opened Mel’s Bait Shop in June 1957 across the street from Mel’s Curb Service drive-in restaurant that his parents had been running since 1946.

Over the years Melges, his wife and their children expanded Mel’s Sport Shop into a 20,000-square-foot retail business that carries a wide range of hunting, fishing and outdoor supplies and apparel, along with a convenience store and gas station.

In October 2019 the store was sold to Steve Wytaske. Steve grew up in northern Minnesota loving hunting, fishing and camping. Becoming the store’s owner was a perfect way for Wytaske to return to his love of the outdoors. The Melges children stayed on as employees, happy to give up the demands of ownership.

Lottery players stop by Mel’s to pick up some bait and fresh tackle when they’re headed out to one the area lakes. They also stock up on Lottery tickets! You can’t always count on finding the hot spot, but you can always add a little fun to your day on the lake with a tackle box full of scratch tickets. You might even hit a special promotion at Mel’s and walk off with a Lottery t-shirt or a brand new koozie to boot. Could be your lucky day!