If you’re enjoying the lovely views between Rochester and LaCrosse along the hills, bluffs and valleys, you might like to stop in at Pam’s Corner Convenience in Rushford, just north of the Root River. You might also enjoy the bike and snowmobile trails and campgrounds and parks nearby. The area is especially stunning during peak fall colors.

Pam Brand opened Pam’s Corner Convenience in 2005. As car cruises often frequent the area, Brand’s family thought they’d start their own Wednesday evening summer car cruise during Rushford Days. For many years people from all over meet at the store, and then enjoy the scenery while cruising. Classic cars, pickups, and any ride join in the fun.

Pam is always eager to take part in lottery promotions because local customers go for them in a big way. When word gets out, regular customers flock to reap T-shirts, sweatshirts, and door prizes. A free ticket with lottery purchase is also quite popular.

“Stop in for a visit, that would be wonderful. Everyone is welcome. We are always happy to have somebody new stop in and introduce themselves,” says Brand.

And, you might just get lucky with lottery. Recently, a local regular player won $100,000. “It was so fun to see a customer of mine win,” Brand said.