If you’re planning a trip to lottery-beneficiary Whitewater State Park in Winona County, why not include a stop at Whitewater Travel Plaza, 13 miles south of the park, right off I-90 in Saint Charles. After you enjoy the incredible scenery and nature of the park you’ll discover a 24-hour truck stop with a restaurant; gift store filled with locally made jams, salsas, soaps and candles; and a convenience store. You’ll pretty much find everything you need, including lottery fun!

Even if all your tickets aren't winners, you can appreciate that your day in this gorgeous park was enriched by the lottery. You and all Minnesotans win with every lottery ticket sold. Since 1991 lottery proceeds to the Minnesota Environment and Natural Resources Trust Fund have helped expand, manage and develop more than half of Minnesota’s 67 state parks, including Whitewater State Park.