You know what they say, the Minnesota Lottery and the Minnesota State Fair go together like food and a stick. Okay, maybe no one has ever said that, but they should!

Visiting the Minnesota Lottery booth at the Minnesota State Fair has become a fun tradition for many Minnesotans and every year many more discover our booth for the first time.

Being at the fair gives us an opportunity to connect with players, increase awareness about how lottery dollars benefit Minnesota’s environment and give new players the chance to try our games. No worries about where to cash those winning tickets if you’ve already left the fair—we have 3,000 retail partners located across Minnesota.

Minnesotans have long debated whether a corn dog is better or a pronto pup takes the prize—we hear that a vegan corn dog is now a contender as well. One fair fact that isn’t debatable is that lottery dollars are being put to good use and benefitting Minnesota’s great outdoors.

This year’s booth art will highlight some of the ways lottery dollars are protecting Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and streams. If you visit the fair this year, stop by and see us on the corner of Judson and Nelson.

Lottery proceeds help keep Minnesota’s lakes, rivers and streams beautiful for all Minnesotans to enjoy. Here are a few examples:

  • Shoreline protection
  • Clean water
  • Habitat restoration
  • Fighting invasive species
  • Restoring native mussel populations
  • Rehabilitating Minnesota loon habitats
  • Protecting local turtle populations

A portion of every dollar spent on lottery tickets supports Minnesota’s environment through these funds:

There’s only 12 (incredibly fun) days to visit us at the State Fair, but the Minnesota Lottery is Playing our Part to make Minnesota an even better place to live and play every day.