Sweet 16 “Winning” Raffle Stories

It’s been 16 years since we launched our first Minnesota Millionaire Raffle, and it’s been a fan favorite ever since. And for good reason—it continues to offer the lottery’s best odds to win $1 million.

Players are Winning All Around the State!

From Warroad to Pipestone, Mabel to Virginia and everywhere in between, lottery players all around the state are cashing in!

Retailer Feature: The Market

For 41 years, The Market has offered everything for a day at the lake, and a little entertainment.

What Do Lottery Proceeds Actually Fund?

We are often asked, “What does the lottery actually fund?” The short answer: Minnesota’s environment. The longish answer (that takes less than two minutes): That’s what we’re here to tell you!

Retailer Feature: Carlton Gas and More

Many lottery retailers are perched on the edges of Minnesota’s natural treasures, such as Carlton Gas and More, which is right on the Alex Laveau Memorial Trail segment of the Willard Munger State Trail and the entrance into Jay Cooke State Park.

They're Back and We're Pumped!

After a year without fans in the stands, the Vikings regular season kicks off on September 12!

From Tart to Sweet: Enjoying Minnesota-bred Apples All Season

Delight your taste buds with amazing varieties throughout apple season.

Lottery Anonymity in Minnesota

Learn about lottery winner anonymity in Minnesota. 

Minnesota Earth Defenders in Action

The Minnesota Lottery has teamed up with Minnesota United FC to celebrate Minnesotans who are playing their part for our environment through the Earth Defenders program.

Corn Dog or Pronto Pup?

The great debate at The Great Minnesota Get Together.

Look Forward To Mondays

Millions of—sometimes even a billion—reasons to like Mondays.