Celebrating 30 Years of #MNLottery Traditions

The Minnesota Lottery has been enriching the lives of Minnesotans since 1990. April 17 marks the lottery’s 31st anniversary and to help celebrate we want to share players’ favorite lottery traditions from the Share Your Lottery Story free contest.

30 Tickets in 30 Seconds

For some anniversary fun, here’s a look back at some of the fabulous games that have helped us play our part for Minnesota.

Everyone Deserves a 2nd Chance

What's a 2nd Chance? Another way to win!

A Minnesotans’ Guide to Good Luck Charms

What brings Minnesotans good luck? With St. Patrick’s Day around the corner, that’s what we wanted to find out.

Problem Gambling Awareness Month: Awareness + Action

March is Problem Gambling Awareness Month. The goal of this campaign is to increase public awareness of problem gambling and the availability of prevention, treatment and recovery services.

Retailer Feature: Mel's Sport Shop in Spicer

Mel’s has been selling Lottery tickets since the first days of Lottery sales in Minnesota.

In The Know With Daily 3

Let’s face it. Daily 3 can be confusing to new players. With several ways to play and win, it’s no surprise that it’s our most complicated lotto game. So, we’re here to uncomplicate things for you.

We ♥️ Big Wins

Groundhogs are cute, but we ♥️ big wins!

6 Exhilarating MN Snowmobile Trails

Question: Which popular Minnesota sport lets you enjoy the thrill of speed and the beauty of nature at the same time?

Celebrate the North at the Saint Paul Winter Carnival

We were proud to sponsor the Drive-Thru Ice and Snow Sculpture Park at the Saint Paul Winter Carnival.

Thousands of Minnesotans Began 2021 with a Raffle Win!

More than 12,000 lottery players all across Minnesota started the new year with a Minnesota Millionaire Raffle win!

Share Your I’MN to Win

We want to celebrate the big, small—and everything in between moments that saying I’MN is all about.