The Minnesota Lottery has been enriching the lives of Minnesotans since 1990. April 17 marks the lottery’s 31st anniversary and to help celebrate we want to share players’ favorite lottery traditions from the Share Your Lottery Story free contest. We were overwhelmed with how you invited us into your homes and made us part of your fun over the years. Here are a few traditions that have stood the test of time:

"We treat ourselves to crossword scratch offs once a week when we go grocery shopping. We sit together in the kitchen to see if we win. If we win or not, we still celebrate with a fire on the weekends to enjoy life in MN. WE'reMN!" - Dawn, Winsted

"I love doing scratch offs in the morning while drinking my coffee." - Kelly, Apple Valley

"Used to play with my grandma! Best memories I ever had!" - Ryan, Hibbing

"I buy a raffle ticket every year on my birthday. Haven't won anything yet but I keep trying. It's become a tradition." - Tami, Aitkin

"My sister and I love to travel and love to play scratch off tickets. Any winning ticket profits go into a pot and when we get enough money, we go on a vacation." - Michelle, Ogilvie

"The lottery is a birthday tradition with our neighbors. It's a fun gift with the chance of a big reward! We continue to be hopeful that someday it will pay off in a big way!" - Jim, Campbell

"My sister and I pool our money together and buy lottery tickets. With small wins we reinvest them, but with our big victories we head to one of many of our favorite lakes, with a picnic lunch spread, and a few lottery tickets, and high hopes for the next big win!" - Glynnis, Maple Grove

"My grandma passed in 2017, but something we always did together was scratch games! We would sit at her kitchen table anytime night or day and drink coffee and scratch tickets. Thank you, MN Lottery — you brought us closer together, and all the countless good talks, whether we won or lost." - Amanda, Anoka

"My favorite time of the month is when the new tickets come out for Ticket Tuesday. Have a tradition to stop at 5 gas stations and pick up a few of these new games. It is my entertainment for the night. Always have extra luck when it comes to the new games." - Sebastian, Otsego

"The first time I ever bought a scratch off was at the MN State Fair—$20 worth and I won $100. I was so excited that it has now become a tradition. It’s been going on for 11 years now." - Whitney, Minneapolis

"I only buy my tickets when I'm on my way to my favorite fishing spot!" - Yolanda, New York Mills

"My friend and I have been playing the lottery for several years now. We take turns buying tickets on the hopes of winning big. It is just as fun to check our numbers as it is to have a reason to keep in touch. Thanks for that reason to keep friends talking." - Patty, St. Michael

"Date night with my wife almost every week. We top it off with some scratch offs. We won $100 once. Hoping to get a big one soon." - Joe, Ramsey

"During the pandemic my husband and I started getting scratch tickets weekly at the grocery store. We compete to see who can have the biggest pile of winners. The loser has to buy next week's tickets." - Christine, Burnsville

"One of my favorite things to do every Sunday is go out to my local Kwik Trip & fill up a large fountain Diet Coke with a half a shot of cherry, pick up a few snacks and of course purchase a few scratchers that catch my eye!" - Jena, Coon Rapids

Thanks to everyone who shared their story with us. Interested in sharing yours? Head on over to the Share Your Lottery Story free contest page to enter and you could win $25 in scratch tickets and a lottery T-shirt.