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Take the Scenic Route

When the weather warms up, Minnesotans feel a sense of urgency to hit the road and experience everything summer has to offer. From the scenic byways to fun attractions throughout the state, summer offers up the perfect opportunity to find your next adventure in the land of 10,000 lakes. Before you leave, remember to fill up the cooler, stock up on snacks, top off the gas tank, and of course pick up your favorite new scratch game: Road Trip! With a chance to win up to $100,000 instantly, you can cash in and scratch off your summer bucket list. Are you game for a road trip? Just say I’MN to fun and enjoy the open road!

Road Trip Second Chance Entry

Need ALL the essentials for a wheel-y good road trip?

Enter non-winning tickets for a chance to win $2,500 cash, a $500 gas card, and Lottery summer swag. Fuel up here!

Share Your Road Trip and Win!

Tell us about your summer adventure and upload a photo for your chance to win a prize pack including a $50 Visa gift card, $25 in Road Trip scratch tickets, a lottery hammock, cooler, steel tumbler and T-shirt.

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Meet the Artist

The Road Trip scratch game was designed by Minnesota artist Brent Schoonover. Read all about him!

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How To Play

Reveal a LOON symbol, win prize shown below that symbol. Reveal a COOLER symbol, win double the prize shown below that symbol. Reveal a CAR symbol, win all 20 prizes shown!

TOP PRIZE: $100,000

Road Trip! Scratch Ticket
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Prizes & Odds

To Win: Odds* Number of Prizes**
$5 1 in 7.69 372,428
$10 1 in 13.34 214,895
$15 1 in 66.71 42,957
$20 1 in 79.85 35,889
$25 1 in 49.48 57,924
$30 1 in 452.16 6,338
$40 1 in 955.27 3,000
$50 1 in 133.19 21,516
$100 1 in 430.43 6,658
$200 1 in 3,888.47 737
$500 1 in 12,967.42 221
$1,000 1 in 49,410.34 58
$5,000 1 in 191,053.33 15
$10,000 1 in 358,225.00 8
$100,000 1 in 716,450.00 4

*The overall ticket odds of winning are 1 in 3.76.

**The number of actual winners may vary based on sales, distribution and number of prizes claimed.

Game Rules [PDF]