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This game ended on 08/03/2021. Prizes may be claimed up to one (1) year after the game ends as defined by the game rules.

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How To Play

Scratch the "YOUR TETRIMINOS" box to reveal twelve (12) different Tetriminos. (Each Tetrimino is a shape with a corresponding letter/number identifier).

Scratch only the Tetriminos in the "YOUR MATRIX" play area that exactly match those in the "YOUR TETRIMINOS" box (see details below).

If you uncover an entire horizontal ROW, win the prize corresponding to that same ROW.


In order to be a match, the Tetrimino in the "YOUR MATRIX" must be the exact same shape and have the same letter/number identifier as the corresponding "YOUR TETRIMINO". For example, an “F1” Tetrimino in the "YOUR TETRIMINO" box does NOT match an “F2” Tetrimino in the "YOUR MATRIX".

A Tetrimino may appear more than once in the "YOUR MATRIX".

In the example shown, the shaded areas represent scratched Tetriminos that match those in the "YOUR TETRIMINOS" box (not shown). In this example, ROW 10 is entirely uncovered and therefore would win $100.

Tetris play illustration

TOP PRIZE: $30,000

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Prizes & Odds

To Win: Odds* Number of Prizes**
$3 1 in 6.90 354,950
$5 1 in 16.66 146,896
$8 1 in 25.00 97,936
$10 1 in 200.16 12,230
$15 1 in 200.10 12,234
$20 1 in 100.00 24,480
$30 1 in 170.33 14,372
$50 1 in 462.41 5,294
$100 1 in 602.81 4,061
$500 1 in 5,614.68 436
$30,000 1 in 489,600.00 5

*The overall odds of winning a prize in the Tetris Scratch Game are 1:3.64.

**The number of actual winners may vary based on sales, distribution and number of prizes claimed.

Game Rules [PDF]